A castle activation ! CT/AA-002

On the 10th Oct late PM, I activated the SOTA ref CT/AA-002, Marvão, Portugal.

This is on of a kind summit here, because it’s inside the castle of Marvão.

We arrived very late (+/- 4 PM) in the middle of the mist. A dense fog and light rain prevented us to saw the village (Marvão) from the distance.

The car park is at the entrance of this very old medieval village (+ 800 years old) and one should climb (750 m) all the way to the castle walls. A very nice walk between beautiful streets and white houses. All the village is awsome even when the wx dosen’t help… .(
Some nice restaurants with a magnificent view “helped” us in the return…:meat_on_bone:

The castle is a monument and I though that a fee will apply but the guys in the entrance just wave to walk in…

Erect the fishing pole was a piece-of-cake and soon I was in the air, all the equipement safe on one of the sentry-boxes.
The rite in the rain notebook was a good asset…

Some 40m contacts, one on 30m and then 20m, all CW
After a QSO with Pascal, PA1BR, who spoted for me, a pile-up started. TNX Pascal!
Unfortunatly, a few minutes after, the XYL appeared to remind me that the castle was about to close…
So, regrettably, I broadcasted a QRT…
I’m sorry for all the folks that are waiting on the pile-up but I don’t wanted to pass the night in a misty castle…
It’s possible to be in AZ outside the castle but was to dangerous to get there! And the night is falling. :frowning:

BTW: All the my SMS to spot failed again! Something to look after.

I didn’t established any QSO in the 2 m band (CW, SSB and FM). Again, a very remote part of the country?

Due to dense fog and light rain the number of explanations why I had a fish pole in a castle and what I’m doing was reduced to a bare minimum…Sometimes some bad things turn out to be a blessing!.. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the SOTA chasers.

Vy 73
Pedro, CT1DBS

Entry point to the summit…

Operating position 1

Operating position 2 - When rains increased…

Keeping the equipement away from the rain…

The landscape from operating position - Aghhhhhh!


Lovely photos despite the gloom and mist. Castles are one thing that do not exist in Australia so all I can do is look at pictures and dream.

On a day like that the restaurants on the way back would be most welcoming.


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Hi Nick

You are always welcomed to my country and their numberous castles!



Actually not true! You can activate VK3/VC-019 (Mt Warrenheip) and then duck down and visit Kryal Castle!


(and I can hear the Victorian’s cringing as I post this… :smile: )

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If exist castles as Kyral castle on those medieval days, the war would be a soft activity…
And there wouldn’t exist castles (true ones) as a sota summit! :disappointed_relieved:

An amusement park in a castle is like to have ssb on 30m…Something that exist only down under… :smiley:


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