A California Chaser that we are proud of!

We have a very nascent, very new and very underpopulated W6 SOTA site. Over time we will build it out but first up we wanted to salute Charles McCants (KM6CEM) who recently became a Shack Sloth.

Read on if interested in what makes his story quite unique and very noteworthy.


Paul W6PNG


I always enjoy working Charles, either from the peaks or from my home QTH. I run the radio coverage program at http://www.ve2dbe.com/rmonline.html to see if I have 2m line of sight coverage to his QTH in San Dimas. 73! Hal N6JZT

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Paul, many thanks for the link to your W6 Sota site. Nan & I are visiting in September on a trip from San Francisco to Seattle then Train to Vancouver so will have a good look over it when time allows.
Hoping to get a few SOTA peaks in the activation log
Tony VK3CAT https://vk3cat.wordpress.com/


When you get closer to coming don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of the RMs and we can make recommendations based on your preferred hike/SOTA profile.