A big thank you!


a BIG thank you to all of you chasers !

for the big pile ups and always be there when i´m out on the summits.
never thought of such big activity also at weekdays…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

p.s. Steve, yes … “Die Bergziege und YL” is ok :slight_smile:

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Also a big ‘Thank you’ to you Klaus for always looking after everyone who wishes to work you on all bands and modes. Personal gratitude for the 344 points you have given me since October last year.

Kind regards

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I’ll second that!


Brian G8ADD

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Proposed, seconded and without doubt carried unanimously. Many, many thanks Klaus.

73, Mike G4BLH

In reply to DF2GN: Thanks for the qso Klaus. It was good to be your 100th qso yesterday
73 and good luck OM


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There were a lot of sad chasers when you first announced that you would be reducing your SOTA activities Klaus. However, we are all delighted to find that you are still able to appear at regular intervals with your multi-mode multi-band activations.

Sorry I missed your last two SOTA’s Klaus but I hope to catch you on the next one.


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Nice to catch you Klaus. Sorry for the confusion on our QSO at 1016Z. I was not /P but just QRP using 1W from my Softrock SDR. We are not allowed to send /QRP over here so usually just tag QRP on after the callsign with a small gap in between. Guess I was quite difficult copy, you were a good 559 on the little rig.
Thanks again and 73

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Hi Klaus, yes, one or two chasers were there for you;-) You were FB sigs as always. I can take a break from reserve spotting duties now that Roy is back with us, hi, but it was a pleasure anyway.

See you in 8 weeks time fo a beer or two;-)

Vy 73 Mike GW0DSP

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Great job Klaus ! Nice to hear & work you again…
FB sigs as usually :wink:
Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

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yes, first i planned to reduce my sota activities. thats true, but without sota
there was a gap into my hamradio.due to a few problems with my knee i think the
big runnings are over for me.i have no problems to go running or walking in
a moderate speed, but i become problems when i run against the clock :frowning: so i will run no more challenges and marathons. only just for fun and my own. i don´t stop running but only for my own health and fun i will run and walking 2 or 3 hours in the nice nature here around.this new freetime i can use for
sota again :slight_smile:

hpe cu u from the next sumits

klaus df2gn

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nice to work you for the first time klaus…
many thanks…

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Although I am new to SOTA I have enjoyed our QSO’s especially the CW ones Hi ! - your signals are always FB !
I hope for many more QSO’s in the future Klaus - many thanks

may your knees keep going for many years !!!

73 Graham G3OHC

hi all,
what a party today on the band :slight_smile:
today i was activating DM/BW-239 “Kapf” summit . it was the second time i build and
used a inverted V-slooper to dir UK.
feedpoint of the two times 13m-wire with sym. feeder was about 10m high in a tree and the opening and angle to North-West. antenna worked UFB on 40m . also
30m well enough and on 80m i shorten the ends of the feeder and add a radial with 20m to the z-match. output power today on CW abt. 50-70watt and 80-100 watt on ssb.i began my activation today on 30m to reduce a little bit the pile up on 40m and the first one in my log was Roy G4SSH/A with nice signals followed from the other regulars. as next i called on 40m 7032khc and the next run goes on with a not to big pile up. after that on 40m ssb at 7096 the party began :slight_smile: . a big pile up from mostly uk stations come and i was happy about that my antenna worked as planned ! think never before i work so much stations on ssb as today in a nice pile-up. then i shorten the wires and called on 80m with also big signal reports. think i have to go out more later in the afternoon, because then also well known stations as LX1NO and so can work me with super-sigs as today. also had a nice contact with Dan who where also in LX as LX/DH8DX . then i wan´t make my last calls on 40m cw and SM7NDX was the first one followed from others who missed me before,and after a dx-cluster spot from UT3WW a few RA,RA9 es a UT7 came back to my call. and because the propagation was ok at this time i changed one more time to 7096 SSB and the next little pile-up was running. closed my station after 125 QSO´s in abt. 2 hours and typed the qso´s into the database before.maybe we can test also the pile-up / contest style operation on ssb in my next activations , so that everyone have the chance t work me in a gap of QRM. sorry , there where a few stations today i can´t read into the ssb qrm. many qrm today from the east later…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus,

Here in Reims, I could’nt hear you… nothing !
What kind of battery do you use ?

73 Alain F6ENO

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Hello Klaus
very glad to again be able to contact you on activations. J’ hope that l’ drive sport progresses! (j’ was sporting teacher during a few years and practical of many sports). for my part the signal is always strong in Normandy. thank you still for multiple activations.
Best regards
f5nep Lionel

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hi Alain,
i use a 17,2Ah SLAB, sometimes a “small” pack of two 7,2Ah SLAB.
enough to do a 2 - 3 hours activation at mid-output. not to heavy to
carry, but bigger should the batteries not be :slight_smile:
also to carry these batteries is a extra-“sports” for me, with a good
traveller rucksack its no problem for the back.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

Alain, do you try´ed or lsn to 3558khc in my last activations ?

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i use a 17,2Ah SLAB

Whoooo ! I was expecting to increase my 5W… but I think it will be too much for my poor back…!

Alain, do you try´ed or lsn to 3558khc in my last activations ?

Yes I was listening, I think we were too close. May be next time !

73 Klaus

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Hi Alain and Klaus,

I run 25 watts output on both 2m and 70cms and can drain my 3.3AH SLABs in just 30 minutes of operation, so an average activation needs 2 batteries which weigh about 2.2kg. The problem is the rate that the power is taken from these small batteries. When I use my 12AH SLAB (4.2kg), I am able to operate for several hours. Of course I have then to carry an extra 2kg up each summit. Even so, I have weighed my backpack, mast, antennas (including a 15 over 15 for 23cms) and cables - the total came to 14.5kg, so for me this is a practical load if the climb is less than 1 hour duration. For longer walks I will keep to the smaller batteries.

73 and hope to work you both on 7MHz this summer when I get back to HF.


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Hi Gerald,

Thanks for informations.
Here I’am carrying 2 x 2,4Ah slabs each abt 1kg. My rucksack weight is 10kg without water and food, so I carry 12 to 13kg, and it is enough when I climb 4 or 5 hours to reach some F/AM summits…
I’ll be there again end of may to try high summits and hope to work you Gerald.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

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Hi Alain,

4 to 5 hours is a long walk. I have done some long walks in GW and have only taken 2 x 3.3AH SLABs for activating 2 summits. Unfortunately I would like to spend some time on these summits with operation on many bands, but it is not practical to take large batteries when other things are more important - bothy bag. survival kit, first aid, enough water, etc.

I look forward to having an S2S with you later this year.

73, Gerald