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A 5th SOTA Mountain Goat for Hans, HB9BQU

Dear all

A hike to the Schofwisspitz, HB/SG-055, brought a fifth Mountain Goat yesterday to the herd of Hans, HB9BQU. Congrats Hans on 5,000 activator points – what a great achievement!

Hans is a gentle and experienced allrounder, enjoying summits from simpler hills up to alpine challenges and this on CW, SSB and FM, and this for many years. So many of you will have him in their logs.

Hans has already met his next challenge today on the Drunegalm summit, HB/BE-084, in the Bernese Oberland – wishing you many more to come. Enjoy them!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Great Big CONGRATS, Hans!

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Dr Hans
The Board of Directors of HB9SOTA congratulates Hans HB9BQU for achieving 5x Mountain Goat, which he did on 24 June by summiting Schofwisspitz HB/SG-055. Hans enjoys activating uniques and making completes in Switzerland and neighboring countries. On summits, he is often active with SSB and CW on the shortwave bands and FM on 2m. He undertakes easier hikes with his wife Marianne, and more difficult ones he does alone or with his daughter Andrea. I also was able to go with him multiple times. In particular, I have fond memories of our hike to Breithorn last year with great weather conditions. It was to date my first 4000 m summit. Hans secured me with his ice axe immediately when, during our descent, I started to step into a glacier crevasse that was covered over with snow. I look forward to further trips with Hans. He prepares meticulously by checking hikr.org and maps, and he is also very studious when it comes to weather forecasts.
73 de HB9BIN, President of HB9SOTA


Hans - herzliche Gratulation zur 5. Geiss ! Freue mich auf weitere S2S und Unternehmungen mit dir! Mach s gut.
vy 73 s Bruno HB9CBR


Hoi Hans

danke für S2S am letzten Sonntag und freue mich auf die nächsten.

73 de hb9fvk (ruedi)

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Hello Ken

Many thanks.
I am looking forward to our first S2S or other QSO.

vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

Many thanks to all of you for the many wonderful moments that SOTA has given me over the past 10 years
vy 73 Hans, HB9BQU

Jürg, HB9BIN, danke für die schönen Touren die wir zusammen machen durften, ich freue mich auf mehr :+1:

Bruno, HB9CBR, danke und ich freue mich auch immer über S2S mit dir, ich denke wir werden sicher wieder einmal etwas zusammen machen. :+1:

Ruedi, HB9FVK, danke auch für das S2S vom Mont Raimeux, diesen schönen Berg besuche ich mit meiner XYL jedes Jahr :sunglasses: