9A/PH-057 Veli Brig

Another activation this morning.drove to the foothills in the town of Pag where I left my car due to the rest of the ascent being a walking/bicycle route,so no cars allowed(and to think this would be a quick in and out :smiley: )
After walking for about 40 minutes i reached the top where there are 2 buildings accompanied by 2 masts with various antennas which causes me a bit of qrm here and there.
Also veeeery windy,nevertheless i proceeded to set up and start calling cq which today went very slow,maybe the propagations werent that good i guess.
After 40 minutes i logged 8 40 m contacts and 1 2m contact.
I heard @F5JKK calling me but sadly he apparently couldn’t hear me back. Next time my friend.
After spending about 1.5 hrs at the summit i packed up and made my descent ending this activation.