9A/DH-117 Activation Void

I want to inform everyone who QSO-ed me yesterday (21.08.2020) (14 Mhz cw ,ssb) in my attempt to activate 9A/DH-117 that I made “a near miss mistake” …I was very close to the summit but after a few hours I realized it was not exactly THE summit i was looking for…Anyway I was enjoying every second …I am new in this SOTA things and I am looking forward to future activations…
Once again ,SRI for my mistake and BEST 73
Ljubomir (Lou) Lecic


The photos on Facebook seem to show quite a lot of gear for a portable station. I presume the location you operated from was close to where you could park the car.

I don’t know if the correct location is accessible by car, but if it is, when you activate it please remember that the vehicle may not form any part of the station or be connected to it in anyway (power source, antennas, supports etc).

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Thanks for the information Lou, better luck next time. You may consider studying the SOTA Mapping Project or SOTLAS before your next activation. Both apps are excellent. If you want to download an offline navigational app on your phone or tablet I recommend Locus Lo-Maps. Very cheap. Many other navigational tools are available to help you locate the exact postion of the summit.

I have deleted our QSO from the SOTA database at 17:32z 21/08/2020 but it remains in my log.

73 OM
Phil G4OBK

PS You can download a GPX formatted list of the summits in the area of interest from SOTAMaps or SOTLAS and import into Locus or some other mapping app on your phone.

Hello Lou,

At first welcome to SOTA community!

Thanks on correct way to inform us about your mistake.

You were more then 2km away from activation zone, … as other SOTA friends already informed You, I can confirm that consulting SOTA maps and use of an online/offline map as Locus map can avoid this type of mistake.

Hope that You will be soon QRV from an SOTA summit,

73 & GL de Boris 9A2GA
9A SOTA Association manager


Tnx everyone for understanding and usefull information for my future SOTA activities…
4O is full of very interesting summits… Most of them never activated…
I will do my best to activate some of them soon…
73 es CU!


I made a similar mistake in Switzerland and learned from it. I still remember though.

73, Hans PB2T (ex 4O6T)

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Lou, it’s really annoying when you realise you did something wrong on an activation, such as not being on the correct peak etc., and have to tell everyone that your activation is invalid.

But what you loose in points you gain in respect from your peers for admitting your error. I look forward to chasing you for an S2S contact in the future.