8m pole at Aldi

The aptly named Activator fishing pole is back on sale at Aldi for £17.99.
This is a pull apart 8m pole so has the advantage of not being susceptable to collapsing in on itself like a conventional telescopic pole.
Only disadvantages are that it is slightly heavier and takes a bit longer to put up.


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In the same batch of weekly bargains was a “fishing bivi” for £19.99
I bought one the other day. It took me a couple of minutes to set up in the back garden. It weighs slightly more than one of those “half moon” beach shelter things, and looks infinitely more waterproof. Certainly more practical than the fishing umbrella I took on GW/NW-076.

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I also bought a couple of these last Sunday and the fishing bivvy to replace the pop-up dome tent which suffered a slight(ly catastrophic) mishap on TW-004. There weren’t too many poles remaining in my local Aldi at 11am so grab 'em while you can if there are any left! Very impressed with how robust they are even with a metal boom 5 ele jaybeam on the 4th section.

73 Chris

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I had one of these for a while - it was excellent. I recently left it on a train in Mallaig, just as the previous pole got left on a train in Lockerbie! I went and purchased one from Aldi in Kidderminster last night - they had about half a dozen left.


Dave M0MYA

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Many thanks indeed Ron - I just bought what appeared to be the last one in the Edinburgh Aldi.

Having sawn my way into the outer packaging (that plastic tube will be useful itself, I’m sure) and wondering who to give the fishing floats to, the pole itself seems to be excellent. The extra few minutes to assemble / disassemble will, in my view, greatly outweigh the propensity for occasional vertical collapses. The extra weight is also a Good Thing - since I mostly use mine to support yagis somewhat heavier than the SB270.

This came at just the right time, since my original SOTA pole has worn out due to misuse - in spite of the taping up it collapsed again yesterday for the Meikle Bin activation, and I had to use it with the damaged section wedged in with cable ties.

Yes - a great name - my Activator will be out on the next summit.


with already having 2 SOTA poles i found no need for another pole

but from further investigation into other offers at aldi i found they are also selling a Fishing Bag and a Fishing Rod Bag

when out travelling with my cousin we happened to pass an aldi store i decided i would pop in to see if they had any, to my suprise i entered the store and had a look round then to find they had 2 huge offer bins full of them

from looking at them they were really well made and for the money i paid i felt it was peanuts for the use they would get

The fishing bag seems just the right size for my FT-857D and a slab and coax and pens etc

Link to Item: http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/2827_10760.htm

the fishing rod bag is about 6ft long and so will easily fit my sota pole and SOTA Beam or even my portable mast poles and antennas for use when contesting on hill tops it also has large pockets either side which i thought would be useful for any relevant brackets, tools and possibly coax

Link to Item: http://www.aldi.co.uk/uk/html/offers/2827_10766.htm

just thought id post this as suggestion for anyone else who maybe interested in doing the same

Matt, M3WDS