817ND - UK source for CW filter (reasonable price)

Hi all
Does anyone know a source for reasonably priced
CW narrow filters for the Yaesu FT-817ND.
It’s not a set I use very often, but the standard BW is a littlw wide and often difficult to copy when band is crowded.
73 de Kevin G0NUP

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Don’t know if this is the same filter or whether the asking price is reasonable? On Richard’s G3CWI classified ads.




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“Reasonable” and “817 filter price” are mutually exclusive!

You have to scan all the second hand sites to find a bargain. Going price for second hand filters is around £75 from experience.

I got mine (InRad 300Hz) from another SOTA activator who was upgrading and it’s one of the best SOTA accessories I’ve bought :slight_smile:

I’d look at the fleamarket ad and pass comment. But website host spots Firefox+Adblock and doesn’t render adverts and I’m not turning off Adblock!


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I got mine from Ebay recently. You just have to keep your eyes open. Expect to pay between 50 and 70 pounds.

Note that there are two widths available 300Hz and 500Hz (there is also a better SSB one around 2.3KHz I think although you can only fit one at a time in an 817).

There is an alternative to the Yaesu ones see:


These are (if I read the Collins web site correctly) slightly better quality than the Yaesu ones.

They are imported by http://www.radioworld.co.uk if you have 110 quid to spend on a new one.

Colin G8TMV

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The Yaesu ones are Collins filters with an additional sticker. Also the InRad ones are also Collins filters.


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The Yaesu ones are Collins filters with an additional sticker. Also
the InRad ones are also Collins filters.

Yes, but they are different Collins filters.

The Yaesu one is a Collins 526-8733-020

The W4RT one is a Collins 526-8686-010

The difference is that the 8733 series are what Collins describe as their “low cost series” the main difference (from their data sheets) appears to be the ripple level.

Colin - G8TMV

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Yaesu use 8686 series filters.




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All three of those images were for 500Hz filters, I have the Yaesu 300Hz one and it’s not an 8686.


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Neither is the InRad.


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Keep an eye on eBay. I’ve bought several filters over the years from an amateur in Florida(?) who seems to buy up radios full of accessories which he then removes and sells off separatley from the radio.

73 Graham G4FUJ

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Hi Kevin

Have a look at the one on eBay at the moment with
just under 7 hrs to go and currently at £46. Auction
title is ‘Yaesu YF-122CN CW Filter’.

Kind regardsDave G0ELJ

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Hi Dave,
THanks for the reply
When I got around to viewing ebay it had jumped to £77, I then got distracted anad missed the final flurry of activity. I did’nt want to get into a bidding war, because at that price it would probably have ended up as the same price (nearly) as a commercially purchased one.
I had looked on eBay before, but was obviously looking for the wrong thing. That now sorted and will keep a keen eye on it.
Many thanks again

73 de Kevin G0NUP

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Hi Reg,
Thanks for the tip off
When I eventually caught up with myself and looked at the site, I could’nt find the filter, But now I have the site on my bookmars and can look again.
I did’nt know of it’s existance.
73 de Kevin G0NUP

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Hi All,
Thanks for the replies.
I have had a look at the various web sites and it looks like the budget option of flea markets and ebay is going to be the way to go.

73 de Kevin