8 Summit weekend

VK2JOS Josh, VK2AFA Sam and my self VK5TX Ben are planing to head north this weekend 31Jan14.

The plan is head off from Newcastle around 10am on Friday 31Jan14 and be at the first summit VK2/NT-009 (8 points) around 1230. Then move to VK2/NT-008 (8 points) then VK2/NT-026 (8 points).

The plan is to camp at Cathedral Rock National Park Friday and Saturday night.

On Saturday we are planing to activate VK2/NT-001 (10 points), VK2/NT-002 (10 Points), VK2/NT-037 (8 points) and VK2/NT-039 (8 points).

On the drive home on Sunday we will try and hit up VK2/NW-006 (8 points).

So if the trip goes to plan there should be a whole lot of points up for grabs for chasers.