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8 Associations 10 days

Summit Lookout W9/WI-025, last one of very successful 8 Association, 4000+ mile 6400 km THANKS for all contacts. Thanks to KB1RJC Herm & KB1RJD Merle, for being expedition control. Even pulling me out of the weeds after getting home after a 5 hour drive to give contacts 3&4 on Mount McKay :+1::+1:. K2JB gets the last of many contacts. Chasers make it all possible. 73 de W1DMH Doug


Thanks, Doug.
It was fun for us to help Alert and Spot you on your big loop through the many states and provincesโ€ฆ and satisfying to be able to contact you on most of them. Quite a record you are compiling!
Merle KB1RJD

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Well done and that is definitely โ€œmind kind of trip!!โ€


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Just noticed, Doug, that with some of your data input from this expedition you are now a DOUBLE GOAT!
Congratulations. And with an average of just 4 points per summit that is over 500 summits. Incredible.
Merle and Herm


Just missed you on PEI. Need to edit log to July 20 not Sept 20, but not from this computer :open_mouth: Great to get you from Costa Rica. Did you do any SOTA there?

73 Doug W1DMH

Hi Doug

No SOTA in TI7 land as getting to some of the near by peaks was a bit more involved than just driving the rental car to a trail head. We are back again March 2019 for the same ARRL SSB contest and might try something then. Also back in PEI in July 2019 and will definitely try SOTA from there again and hopefully a neighboring province. The flying bugs were a pest last time and had be diving for cover soon after the contacts dried up.

Paul M/W6PNG