7QP on or near summit

Good Afternoon,
Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be doing 7QP from a county corner (ORJAC/JOS/DOU) with the call W7O, if all goes as planned. The corner is not in the activation zone but on W7O/SC-014. I will change locations at some point during the contest and do the SOTA activation probably from the Jackson/Josephine Co line. It may also be done with a bit of an audience, demonstrating what SOTA is all about. Because of being only in the AZ part of the time, I will have no alert to avoid confusion. I will need your STATE or STATE and COUNTY if in the 7 area. Hope to still hear y’all! Tnx de AG7GP/W7O


Have fun.

I participated as K7E last year from Mineral County, Nevada. Becoming K7E – Paul Gacek

Commitments keep me in SoCal this time around.



The 7QP is a fun event. The past few years I’ve done it with a team up at W7RN (K5RC’s place) and we always did really well and have a blast. Last year I was at work and stuck over in Elko, so did a quick dual SOTA/7QP activation. I didn’t make a whole lot of Q’s - I was short on time and my laptop battery didn’t hold up - but it was a great time. When I got back home I had quite a few emails looking for my QSL info as it seems Elko county is/was kinda rare. Who knew? :wink: I won’t be up at W7RN this year as I have to hover around the house to “protect” my job assignment (being on call 24/7 really does interfere with radio fun!) so be looking for you guys from down here in the SV of NorCal. Good luck and have fun! 73, Todd KH2TJ :wink:


Date and time?


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I’m also planning on participating in 7QP this Saturday, hopefully from a county line in Eastern WA.

FYI, 7QP is the 7th Area QSO Party… details at http://7qp.org

1300 UTC Saturday to 0700 UTC Sunday (6 AM to midnight PDT the first Saturday in May).

There is a summit nearby that I may activate, so don’t be alarmed if I send ‘YAK’… I’m not choking, I’m in Yakima county =)

I will be looking for a signal report and your state (or your county if you are in the 7th call area of the USA). County abbreviation list here: 7QP: State/County Abbreviations




Hey Todd. Haven’t heard you in ages…Amy

Hi Elliot,

In case you didn’t see Josh’s info, May 1-2, 6am-midnight PDT


7qp website not working. Explain what it is please?

Also curious to know which W7W/WE summit is being activated.


Here is the link to the rules. 7QP: 7QP Rules

It is just the 7 Area QSO Party. All of the 7 area tries to get all the states and the 7 area counties, all the non-7 areas try to get the 7 area counties. For where I hope to be, it counts as getting 3 qsos since I will be at a county corner, if all goes well. As for the W7W summit, that must be in reference to WU7H’s activation. I will be at W7O/SC-014 but only part of the contest.


Still planning here… I will post an alert when I figure out my final destination.

Like Amy, I would be leaving my spot on the county line to do an activation for an hour or two, and then heading back to my spot. Being on a county line means each QSO you make counts for both counties and gets you more points in the contest. You should get on the air for a few hours and make some contacts Matt - it’s a really fun contest because YOU will be in demand. All you have to do to play is give a signal report and your county.

Sounds cool, might give it a shot.