70cm SOTA Activity Day - Saturday 4th July 2020

It’s going to be important to stay well clear of pubs on this day. So let’s have a big fantastic 70cm activity event! The 2020 Challenge Flavour for 1st-7th July is 70cm, so a great opportunity to really support some much-needed activity on 432/433MHz and grab some S2S action as well.

I’m thinking along the lines of being QRV from early morning through to lunchtime using a 6 element beam and “all” modes (CW, SSB, FM & FT8).


I’ve posted my alert for this event (after remembering to include C4FM and get the date correct!).

Who else is joining in from a summit? About time we had a multi-summit event!

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Weather (etc.) permitting we shall be out somewhere, Tom. M6BWA/P on 70cm FM as usual; M0JLA going back to 70cm ssb for the first time in years if I can get all the right kit back together.
More in due course when we have a better idea of the weather expected and have decided where to go.

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Great news Rob, I look forward to working you both on a variety of modes.

BTW, are you (and I’m thinking particularly Viki here) on the UK 70cm Facebook group?

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I might have a go. Maybe SSB.

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Facebook? - what’s that? Is it one of these newfangled electronic devices?? I’m still in the era of picking up a mike or a radio and talking to someone rather than using these strange computery methods. :innocent:

Viki M6BWA

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With luck (and a following wind) you might get some GM’s on-air too.
We hope to be unlocked the day before


…I do enjoy ironic humour :smile:

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Saturday is always a busy day for me, but I am making an antenna and if it works I hope to be out at some point during the flavour.

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Nice one Brian. I’ll be mainly SSB 0800-1000 on the Sunday BTW.

My alerts posted for Saturday & Sunday. Just need to remind myself of the bandplan.

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I can see there’s already a double-figures number of 70cm alerts posted for Saturday. This looks like it could be good fun! I’d originally intended just spending the morning activating, but looking at Rod @M0JLA’s and Viki @M6BWA’s alerts, it might have to be an all-dayer - or a morning on Cloud then an afternoon on Gun maybe!

I wonder if anyone will be giving CW, FT8 or C4FM a go on 70cm? I certainly intend to.

Wx has been far from kind. As has the quality of my “repair” on my feeder cable. Nonetheless, I’m QRV from my backpacking tent and the feeder is just about connected, albeit literally dangling by a thread!

Just five stations worked on 70cm FM so far; but it’s still early I guess!

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Everyone is in the pub.

Not everyone - we are just about on our way to Wapley :slightly_smiling_face:
Times adjusted from original unrealistic ones.

A bit late, but I’m just heading out to Heath Mynd G/WB-007. Slant polarised ssb and FM is the plan…



Cold, windy and wet. Again. Another day that would be horrid in winter - in midsummer.

Refreshingly good activity for the 70cm SOTA day despite that. I got several 70cm FM S2S:

G1ZAR/P on G/CE-004
M6BWA/P on G/WB-016
M0JLA/P on G/WB-016
G4AZS/P on G/WB-007
M6BWA/P on G/WB-017
M0JLA/P on G/WB-017

Having studied the highly depressing weather forecast, I took my backpacking tent along. Even with that there was an unpleasantl damp and cold feel to the morning; it would have been unbearable without it.

The activation got off to the worst possible start when I snapped off a croc clip from my newly repaired feeder during set up. So once again, the croc clip was repurposed to clip the coax core to the driven element of the 6-el beam. This meant I was reluctant to muck about with changes of polarisation, and as such, reluctant to venture onto SSB or FT8. Astonishingly, this fragile assembly survived the hostile conditions throughout the 6 hour activation!

Anyway, the day’s results were as follows:

Shining Tor G/SP-004:

70cm FM: 36 QSOs
70cm CW: 1 QSO
2m FM: 5 QSOs

The Cloud G/SP-015:

70cm FM: 5 QSOs

Gun G/SP-013:

70cm FM: 1 QSO

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Maybe a silly question to you diehards but how far do you lot get when on 433mhz ??

How long is a piece of string?

When I lived on The Wirral peninsula I could regularly work Alderney on 70cms SSB. That’s about 256mi/413km using 50W and a single 21ele Yagi from an altitude of 30m ASl. A fairly rubbish location for UHF. That was under normal conditions not enhanced etc.

So using FM, smaller omni antennas will reduce things a lot, but getting some elevation under your feet makes a big difference.

hmm ok thanks