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70 cm sota portable ant.by on6dsl


Video on next link.



In reply to ON6DSL:

Fascinating and very educational to watch Luc.

I wish I had your workshop facilities and engineering expertise!

Best wishes,



In reply to ON6DSL:

Excellent. A joy to watch.


In reply to GW8OGI:

A cracking video Luc. Thanks.

73 Mike GW0DSP


Excellent video Luc. The antenna build is very high quality and I am sure that you are pleased with what you have achieved. I would certainly like workshop facilities like you have.

73 es GH on 70cms SOTA,



In reply to ON6DSL:

Ditto what everyone else said, I enjoyed the video immensely.

Regards Steve GW7AAV


In reply to all:

Thanks to everyone for the beautiful reply’s !

Of course this is a short video. All measurings like field strenght ect … are not to see in the video. I have made this antenna for Ed ON4EDM for sota and portable satelliet use on the same principle i have been made as the 2 m band version. http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=_phGH2I5ik8
I love to make things for the hobby and I hope that there follows several video’s concerning sota equipment of all kinds.

Much … “homebrew-stuffing” …(hihi)… to everyone.

73 Luc



Nice to see the video of the construction. It’s given me a few ideas on re-building / replacing my current 8 Ele 2m Yagi’s that I use for /P contests.

Any chance of making more details available (with dimensions) ?

g0lgs (at) g0lgs (dot) co (dot) uk