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Hi Andy,
Like you, I saw Éric F5JKK graphs for the first time when he posted them some few weeks or months ago. I didn’t record that page URL, but I’m going to do it now. I don’t know if I’ll get to check it, but I’ll try. I admit that, despite I know there is so much info about everything on so many good sites on the internet, I am a bit old fashioned and keep working on the bands the old style and also following my own smell sense or instinct built after nearly 40 years in the hobby.
I’ll try to have a go in that web site to learn what it can offer and how to use it.
Thank you!


I could copy you on neither FT8 nor CW from Sheffield last night, but that will be because I don’t have a proper antenna for 6m at home, so was relying on my EFHW cut for 40m. It presents an SWR of about 2:1 on the band and I have worked a few QRO stations using it during previous UKACs. It is pretty deaf when it comes to reception, however, and I don’t expect you were running much power.

I still intend to be on G/SP-002 for this evening’s contest if I can get away from work early enough.

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Looks a decent and dry enough evening over much of the UK tonight. Any more SOTA portables going to give 6m Fun Evening a try?

Bands just closed to g-land. Sri no s2s