6m SOTA Antenna Options

What are people using for 6m antennas? I have never operated on 6m before but would like to try to work it into my portable operations. I’d prefer something wire over lugging something heavy through the woods. Here in W3 land a lot of summits are steep bushwacks.

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It is the smallest dipole on my link dipole. I also have a base loaded telescoping verticle.


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I started with a “flowerpot” antenna for 6 and then distilled the design down to this:


Another homebrew 6m coaxial vertical ‘flowerpot’ antenna for SOTA. Very easy to construct from a single length of RG58AU Mil Spec coax. Even better no mechanical joints to fail on a summit.

Using this antenna I worked ZL at 5 watts on SSB. See link to post


Andrew VK1AD

Delta loops for 6m & 4m.

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Another one for you:

I have also used a Slim JIM

Very nice! I can imagine this antenna with insulators at the ends of the horizontal part, and strung between trees with cordage (for those places that have trees).
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Ken, K6HPX

Nothing wrong with a 6m dipole. End fed w/unun can work well as long as the unun core isn’t a lossy one at 50MHz. My preferred for 6m is a stressed wire moxon with fiberglass driveway marker spreaders. Signal to Noise - KQ2RP - My new portable 6m Moxon. Assembled in the...

Ive used a dipole and gotten great contacts from Butler Peak in southern Cali all the way to Texas on SSB and 5 watts. I built a dipole using two collapsible aluminum tent pole sections that connected to a 1/2 inch plastic plumbing T joint. The tent poles are fed with RG-58. I used my hiking pole to support the T joint up about 3-4 feet off the ground. It all folds up to about 18 inches and fits in my pack nicely.
Mike NS1TA

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I have used a Hentenna made with fiberglass driveway marker poles, mounted on my 10 meter pole. Good performance!

Bruce - WB8OGK

This be my portable 6m moxon 2el beam home brewed

it can sit on same squidy pole as me other antennas I use for portable and looks good up the pole just above the support platform.

Breaks down into small bag and light weight and antenna wires are in the plastic box.

Tested out at home seems to work yet never worked any one off it as yet and one day must take portable this summer and try out on site. Made out of 15mm electrical conduit and breaks down easy like and the ends where the wire sit can also be altered to tension the wire. Direct tuned fed and one day make a 2m version But only have to break it down so much and just hang a 2m wire off it instead of the six. Same frame work another tuned wire set up. Dead easy to make and Assembly on site and take apart again for easy carrying.



If you already have a 30m half-wave dipole (cut for the 10.1 MHz band), you will find that it also works well on the 6m band, where it acts as 5 half-waves. It will present a reasonable SWR on 6m without an ATU.

Walt (G3NYY)

Yes, I have a GW7AAV 6m delta loop. It works very well, but physically it is somewhat unwieldy for portable use.

Walt (G3NYY)

My version of the delta loop is upside down. The top of the triangle is at the top of the pole with a horizontal tube below acting as a spreader. It is easy to set up. I just tape the tube to the pole. A vertical to horizontal clamp would be better, but I use the band so rarely that I have never bothered making one.

The coax is permanently fixed to the antenna with the matching section in-line, so there are only two parts to the antenna plus the reel of electrical tape.

BTW, I tried using my 30m dipole and it certainly does match, but I have found the delta loop significantly better for DX.