6m - Ready Steady Go!

Hi all

VK has the privilege to kickoff the combined 6 and 10m challenge at 0001 UTC. VK1 and VK2 activators are planning a series of local S2S contacts to kickoff the first challenge period.

Activators VK1MBE, VK2MWP and myself all share the name ‘Andrew’, Andrews On the Air (AOTA). You shouldn’t have any problems remembering our names.

My first two summits are close to the east coast of Australia with a good outlook over the Pacific Ocean. I hope to work US chasers on 10m, 28.480 to 28.490 MHz +/- QRM.

Good luck to everyone who participates in the challenge.

73, Andrew VK1NAM

G day Andrew Hugh and I are doing 4 summits this weekend up near Yunta. Not sure what time we will get to the summits yet but will be out and about this weekend for sure. It should be a morning then afternoon activation on both days with two ops for the chasers, we are only taking the one vehicle it would have been nice to activate two different summits morning and arvo for the s2s. good luck in the challenge and 10m dx.
ian vk5cz …

Wondering if I will be the first EU activator to make a QSO in the 6m/10m Challenge?

If I feel well enough (having just had a large back tooth removed 30 mins ago!) I’ll drive the 20 miles down to G/TW-004 the top of the Yorkshire Wolds and see if I can make any QSOs and get some points for the new Challenge. Pretty confident of working G4SSH on 10m in Scarborough - a distance of about 30 miles. There may be other members of the North Yorkshire Mafia on frequency that may be listening (The Birmingham Mafia mentioned previously on the reflector are not so active these days…).

On 6m I will call CQ around 50.145 altenating from CW and Phone on the same frequency to see how that technique works. I can self spot.

I’ll only be staying for an hour as I want to get back home and see what Chaser points can be accrued on 6m/10m the same day.

I just have a linked inverted vee to try, cut for the relevant bands and 20m as a backup, fed with RG-58. As I won’t be carrying gear far I’ll take my FT-857 and probably run about 80 watts.

73 Phil G4OBK

Hi Phil, I think Marko S57MS/P may have pipped you at the post, I see he was spotted on 50.155 earlier!
I had a listen but heard nothing despite having worked several stations in OK, OM, LY, YL and DL this morning :sob:

Victor GI4ONL

It hasn’t started yet Victor!

Was just replying to Phil and assumed it had…doh!

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I’ll be listening for you tomorrow Victor…

73 Phil


I could just copy a little cw right in my noise tonight Phil had a dipole almost vertical on my squidy . being right at the bottom of 10m I had a birdy on my rig from 28000 as well. You were sending quite fast for a low rx signal my end but glad you qualified on 28mhz now its my turn on the weekend to try and do the same. I have picked out 28.375 and will use ssb or cw not worth bothering re spotting with a mode change and I will do the same on 52.175 . 73 see you all in the challenge
vk5cz …