6m Moxon

Well its coming together.
The 6m moxon portable antenna.
Few more teething problems to sort out.
Made from bits and bobs already have in shack, just had to buy some conduit joiners and M6 wing nuts

to this



I made one with supports of fiberglass driveway markers which works very well in the field. Current center hub is some pvc, bent copper pipe and u-bolt. Would like to lighten up that part of it in the future. Signal to Noise - KQ2RP - My new portable 6m Moxon. Assembled in the...

Interesting , in fact you could hang a 2m moxon under that 6m moxon on same poles

Plus using metal bolts in centre bits little heavy now found a place can get plastic bolts and wing nuts reduce that part by 1/4 of the 8 bolts and wing nuts I currently use .

Did look at using old tent poles the F/Glass ones but there heaver than the conduit poles 20mm am using. all about keeping the wieght down.


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and she,s airborne :slight_smile: and yes one can turn it by hand no problem .


How about putting a 2m antenna inside the 6m antenna. ie. use the existing spreaders for two bands at once. The 6m antenna will have resonances well above 145 MHz area, probably higher than 155 MHz. There could be some interaction but Iā€™d be interested if you try that, Karl.

Andrew vk1da

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Yep one day will give that a try.
BUT whole idea of this excise is to set up the currant frame work, so when I wants to go 2m, simply take off the 6m wire and extensions and bung on the 2m moxon.

But if they no inter act be even better as can have both up at once and sort out way of having one coax feeding both antennas or simply lower it and change coax connection thus carrying one coax lead.

Then one will have a choice of four antennas to play with on site

1/4w Vert 40m
1/2w Inverted L 40m
6m moxon
2m moxon

all inter changeable on the one squid pole

Karl :slight_smile: