6m Linear free to good home

I have a surplus HA8UG 6m linear. It was in good working order when last used about 8 years ago. It has a GS31B Russian tube and is good for up to 1kw out. It is very heavy therefore it will be collect only from Buxton, Derbys. PM me if interested.

Need a sherpa to get that one up the mountain :grinning:


A little bit heavy for my rucksack, Steve. Hi

Hi Ken - I think its 32kg !! Have worked lots of VKs on 6m with it, sadly no ZLs.

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It`s gone !!!

It is because of things like this that I seldom use the 50 MHz band, because my puny 50 watts to a dipole are no match for the scores of kilowatt stations which open up as soon as there is a whiff of Es or F2 propagation on the band.

Quite unnecessary in my opinion.

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Walt, I happen to think that my puny phone signal is no match for the CW brigade with their many dBs advantage. However with both Es & F2 prop, I hardly ever needed to boost the power. The linear came into its own when running digital EME modes.

Golly, Walt, and here is me with 35 entities worked with 5 watts to a long wire (GW0GHF) antenna.


Hello Steve,

“The linear came into its own when running digital EME modes.”

I always wondered about what caused those craters on the moon :wink:

QRO amps for VHF and above are wonderful things, more power to your elbow for using one Steve. Although use in a domestic environment, even to UK limits must have been challenging.

This is from someone who 99.999999% of the time runs QRP for HF. But I do like QRO on the VHF bands above. Not sure if my 24GHz PA at 500mW is QRO or not. Probably need to be over 1W to be QRO up there.

I seem to remember that there is an absorption band just above 20GHz, so if the output warms a drink for you, its QRO!


Life is too short …

Walt (G3NYY)

Many years ago, I had a Henry Tempo (2 x 8874) amp for 2 metres. I used that for 2m EME, feeding four 14 el yagis … but in those days we used very slow CW, hand sent and read by ear. No digital modes in those days! (That was in 1980 - 85 when I lived in XL square).

Walt (G3NYY)

Hi Steve,

There is a difference between “need” and “desire”. In my experience of 6m, most people who have a kilowatt available will use it - whether it is “needed” or not.


Walt (G3NYY)

Ah yes, I well recall the reported exploits of GW3NYY. :smile:

My particular activity during that period was Meteor Scatter. Due to real estate restrictions, I only ran 70W out high speed CW and SSB to a single 16 el and have in excess of 250 locator squares under my belt on 2m and a shed load of DX worked in excess of 2000km. Yet looking back over the years, while it was good fun, I can say that running 20W to a single 5 el from a damp and dreary hilltop after a 6km slog is every bit as enjoyable and far more healthy.

… and to think it took Richard CWI 4 years to persuade me to get into this. Well I regard that as some excellent leisure time wasted.

Unless a scrap merchant took it, that is another excuse for me not to get back onto the band… :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG