6m JT65 this evening

I am planning a short JT65 activation on 50MHz in a couple of hours. I’ll try to self-spot, but keeping an eye on 50.276MHz and 50.310MHz from around 1720z (6.20pm BST) until around 1830z (7.30pm) would be recommended.

QTH is poor for 6m, but nothing heard in Durham.

OK, giving it another go shortly.

May try some PSK as well.

QRV around 5pm BST / 1600z

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Good things come to those who wait.

1658z: 6m JT65 - EA5UB

1735z: 6m JT65 - G4KRN

1849z: 6m JT65 - 4O6AH

1858z: 6m JT65 - OK2ZDL

In and around that lot I made 11 QSOs, mostly ragchews, on 2m FM just using the handie.

I imagine JT65 could be a lot of fun on 50MHz if the band is actually open. At other times, it is probably the only hope of scraping something overseas. It could be argued this makes it a win-win situation…

All the same, good job it was a very pleasant evening weather-wise, and that I was in the mood for lying down on the grass and doing mostly nothing-at-all.

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