6m EDZ

A fellow ham was gracious enough to build a 6m edz for me to use during activations. I realize that unlike HF on 6m polarization is important, so I plan to use the the antenna mounted horizontally for CW and SSB. I have a 6m tall mast and was wondering if anyone uses a dipole or edz setup as an inverted V for 6m and how does it work as it is easier to setup with one mast. Thx

I’ve used a 6m EDZ in an inverted-V configuration during VHF contests. I usually put a vertical 2m EDZ on the same mast to use for FM. It seems fine, but I’m sure I’d get more contacts if I had some sort of beam on 6m.

I’m sure a yagi or moxon would probably be better but there is no way I am going to pack one anywhere. This year during the CQ VHF contest I made several contacts to the south eastern US on 6m with a 40m efhw tuned with the KX3 atu. I am sure that was pure luck and any kind of proper 6m antenna will be an improvement.