6m dipole with ferrite 1:1 choke?

Hi all,

I;d like to test a quick dipole for 6m.
With the tools/spare I have now I can use a material 43 or 61 (ft160, ft114 and ft82, I’d like to avoid the heavy ft240) for the middle choke. Ill also use a RG174 in the length required to be resonant.

My question is about the balun in the middle. I googled a lot but I couldnt find a design with a ferrite choke in the middle… Most are with turns over a pipe (that I dont want).

Any known designs with a FT160 or FT114? How many turns should I need for 10m/6m bands?


Enough turns to make the inductive reactance at the lowest frequency at least ten times the antenna impedance (as a rough guess).


RG174 is not the best cable for 6m band, because of high losses. I use ferrite sleeve over the coax cable as RF choke.

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174 is very bad wire for high Mhz for sure! Im expecting better coax tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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