60m frequencies in Ireland?

I will be activating a few summits in EI sometime next week. Amongst other bands I intend to try 60m but I’m unsure what frequencies to use. It seems that I am unable to use my usual SOTA frequencies without an official EI NoV (at a considerable fee) and my only option is to use 5.354 ssb under WRC-15. Any comments would be appreciated.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Awkward problem, Allan.

On both our visits I was actually using 40m almost exclusively both sides of the border, with only the odd summit in GI activated on 60m and EI on 20m. Do the same?

Sorry, no other suggestions.

Thanks Rod.

I’ve just had confirmation that my choice of frequency is ok. I will be using other bands but thought it would be nice to give 60m a go as well as I know they are keen in EI to have activity on this band. Nothing exotic next week but an opportunity arose to visit EI…let’s say a taster for next year :grin:

73 Allan

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I have struggled with this but 5.363 is legal in EI and here so I have used it.
I stand to be corrected by the band Police but no-one complained on last 2 summits I did there either from UK contacts or EI contacts.

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I use this site: 60 metre band to the best of my knowledge it is up to date. Note that it gives the following channels for Ireland: 5.2785, 5.2985, 5.3305, 5.3465, 5.3985 and 5.4035, it doesn’t specifically mention 5.363 but that is in the international band.

Those frequencies are for those holding an EI NoV I believe Brian. No EI NoV then WRC15 band only.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Thanks to David G0FVH for sending this to me earlier which confirms my and Adrian’s choice of frequencies. Many thanks…just hope the wx behaves…not looking forward to the ferry crossing on Saturday either

Seán, EI7CD IRTS/ ComReg Liaison Officer announced on Thursday 22nd December 2016 that Irish regulator ComReg has released the new WRC-15 60m allocation:_

“ComReg has just today published an amended version of the Amateur Station Guidelines in Document ComReg 09/45R2. The main revision is that the WRC-15 band of 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz has been released with immediate effect on a secondary basis. No application or fee is necessary for this segment. The power is 15 watts PEP (12dBW) measured at the output of the transmitter or amplifier. All modes including digimodes may be used. The WRC-15 decision was for 15 watts EIRP and this will be taken up with ComReg. The Society recommends that USB be used for voice as has been the convention on this band and as used by the primary user and that the provisional IARU band plan be used:

5351.5 - 5354.0 kHz CW, Narrow band Modes
5354.0 - 5366.0 kHz All modes USB for voice
5366.0 - 5366.5 kHz weak signal narrow band modes.

This allocation does not affect the availability of the existing channels centred on 5280, 5300, 5332, 5348, 5400 and 5405 kHz. Special authorisation is still required for these channels at an annual licence fee of €30. Let’s hope for some more activity on 5 MHz to help our case for an increased allocation.

Seán EI7CD IRTS/ ComReg Liaison”

Good luck with the ferry Allan. Sunday and Monday look better days for walking. I will be looking out for you.
73 Mike

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Wed 12:05 EI/G4VPX/P on EI/IE-055 5.363 ssb
weak but out of band for DL (Posted by DJ5AV)

Just querying your comment Mike. Surely 5.363 MHz, in WRC-15 band, is good for Germany too?

It may be of interest to chasers and activators that the WRC-15 band of 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz has been made available to Italian amateurs since the end of October 2018. Power limit is the standard 15w e.i.r.p. and no special permit is needed.
There is already a lot of activity from Italy and Sardinia, especially on FT8, easily workable from the UK and Ireland. They are all happy to work split frequency where necessary. UK stations should be sure to transmit below 5358.0 kHz.

Walt (G3NYY)