60m Band finally released in Austria

The 60 m band from 5351,3 – 5366,5 kHz has been released for Amateur Radio Service in Austria. The maximum EIRP is 15W - not a serious limitation for portable operation. What a nice Christmas present! This was finally transferred into local law after it has been assigned on an international level back at WRC-2015.

According to Wikipedia 5,3515–5,3540 MHz is the CW sub-band. Is there a preferred SOTA frequency established? Or is the whole 2.5 kHz wide CW band (!) used for SOTA?

73 Heinz


One week we hear Australia is not ever going to get 60 metres (military usage) and the next we hear that Austria, one of the few countries in the EU without the WRC15 60m band is going to get access at last.

As you say Heinz, a lovely Christmas present!

73 Ed.

Thanks for the confirmation of the 60m band release Heinz. A nice Xmas present - I thought something may have changed as last night there were a few stations QRV from Austria in FT8 - OE3HRU was the first station I worked. Maybe OE SOTA soon then - if HB9 is workable on 60m from UK then surely OE is. Hoping to hear plenty of OE Chasers also…

For those adding 60m to a 40m dipole with a link you need to add about 10 feet 8 inches or for EU 3.25m approx each side.

Please note UK stations cannot legally transmit in this segment below 5354 KHZ and from 5358 to 5362 KHZ

73 & Merry Xmas

Phil G4OBK

my favorite frequency in the 60m band 5.355 times better sometimes worse but almost always with my friend S57ILF .

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I hope some of you can get on 5.357 FT8. I will be looking for you. Tom NQ7R

Thanks for all your feed-back. I will try 5.355 kHz tomorrow…

73 Heinz


Hi Heinz,
Tks for the QSO today, working great :+1:
I hope working many OE now on 60m :wink:
Merry Christmas to all
73 Éric

Very pleased you got on the band today Heinz, sorry I missed you by 10 minutes as I was “down the Co-Op” on my pushbike gathering food supplies before the Xmas rush. 10 MHZ QSO much appreciated a little later. - Chaser QSO #32 with you this year!
73 and MX

PS Heinz - Many thanks for OE/OO-426 your second summit and great using 5355 KHZ. A new one for me and my first CW QSO on 60m with Austria :smiley:
ScreenHunter 539

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No but please consider 5354.5 which is shared with the UK

HI Andy

I often transmit unashamedly in CW on 5354 KHZ (USB - audio tone around 800 HZ offset) as many UK stations do, also up to 5357.950 KHZ in FT8. I’ve chased loads of SOTA activators on 5354 USB including some TXing from UK. The OFCOM Mobile Lab would need to be very close to my QTH to measure any emissions below 5454 KHZ therefore, and they haven’t come knocking yet!

If OFCOM staff read this I invite them to travel north from Baldock and check for out of band emissions if they wish to. :thinking: or they can check from Baldock or Warrington if they wish…

Probably easier to give UK Hams the IARU allocation rather than travel due north to Covid! I won;t want them coming into my house tough from a Tier 4 area of Hertfordshire - we are still Tier 2 (for now).

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

I could be wrong, I often am [says my wife] but I understood that CW is an amplitude-modulated DSB transmission regardless of whether the receiver is set to USB or LSB. I don’t think the transceiver suppresses one of the sidebands.

Therefore, a CW transmission on 5354,0 would result in one’s LSB falling outside [below] that UK 60m sub-band - hence my choice of 5354.5 (which in any case was suggested to me by another SOTA op elsewhere on this reflector).

Using modern commercial transceivers with their carefully-controlled rise and fall times, one could probably safely go a bit nearer the sub-band edge.

I find, if I go a bit higher (e.g. 5355.0) there are often digital stations that fall inside my Rx filter and degrade readability. In olden days and until recently it wouldn’t have been a problem as I routinely used ~200Hz filter on my KX2. However, since that wise sage, Guru @EA2IF, suggested I’m potentially ignoring chasers slightly off frequency [and since recently training my brain & ears using Morse Runner to distinguish such pileup chasers by their pitch] I now use it set to 400-500Hz.

Hi Andy

You may be right in this (the CW DSB argument), although recalling the information I saved which I believe came from the RSGB below, makes me inclined to accept that the powers that be deem 5354 lower limit and upper limit 5358 USB to be what we may use. Most of the modern radios have a CW (USB) and a CW (LSB) option, however I always use CW (USB) on every band I operate on in the hope that if I get near to the band or the bandlet edge my emissions fall into our allocated spectrum:

Merry Xmas from tother side ot’Pennines


Good evening Heinz and congratulations on your first summits on 60m :wink:
To make you an answer :

WRC15 band plan.

The 60m band is surely my favorite band and this since 02/13/2020, date on which it was authorized in France. I started with a Windom antenna, quickly replaced by an inverted V doublet!

As we can see in the ranking of hunters for 2020 on 5Mhz I made good progress, placing myself just after Fabio @IK2LEY.

What I can say about the frequencies used over 60m by SOTA activators taking into account the differences in frequency allocations:

  • For the CW the majority of my QSO were done between 5.353 and 5.3545.
  • For SSB (given the bandwidth of +/- 2700hz, in the best case) the frequencies of 5.360 and 5.363 are most often used, the frequencies above are reserved for weak signal modes. I will advise against 5.355 which would disturb FT8 users out of 5.357.

It’s my humble opinion.

73 Éric


60-meter band - Wikipedia

Gives clarification on frequencies and specifically overlap frequencies between the WRC15 ITU 60m band and the channelised US and “bandlet” UK systems.

What a fantastic Christmas present. That’s one more thing to try out when the weather improves, alongside the QCX Mini.
73 de OE6FEG

My new favorite band? QSO with F5LKW today and also SWL OE6FEG/p with even better sig. I rarely got OE stns on HF hitherto - vy nice!
Mni tks for the UK advice!
73 Martin

On my first two activations of the 60m band I have used a full-size dipole. It was up 6m in the center sloping down to almost ground level at the ends.This worked well and I was impressed with number of chasers and signal quality.

On my latest activation on Dec 27 I did not want to carry the extra weight of an antenna for 60m and tried my 2x7m dipole. The KX2 could match it on 60m and I had a handfull of QSO, some with terrible signal reports.

Lesson learned: Tomorrow on OE/OO-075 I will use the full-size dipole again. There is plenty of space for a big wire antenna on Hochbuchberg. I will start on +/- 5.355 CW.

Looking forward to another run on 60m!
73 Heinz, OE5EEP


Toll, Heinz, das freut mich sehr, hatte mich noch diesen Sommer für den Urlaub danach erkundigt, und da tönte es noch sehr unverrückbar, hi.

Gibt neue Möglichkeiten zu euch rüber, wo 40 und 20 nicht passen. Bin gespannt, wen alles ich aus OE nun auf 60 m dran haben werde. Mit etwas gutem Zureden durch den Tuner macht meine EFHW auch 60 m, und es geht nicht schlecht, beidseitig. Ich habe also keine weitere Antenne im Rucksack.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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