60m band allowed in EA since Jan 1st. 2014

On 2013-12-19, The Spanish State Secretary for Telecomunications has published a resolution allowing amateur radio use for the 60 m. band -as secondary service- on the following frecuencies:

5268, 5295, 5313, 5382, 5430 and 5439 kHz.

These will be authorised since 2014-01-01 to 2014-06-30, using a max of 100 w. PEP, and from fixed stations.

Hope this will open us the possibility of working this band on SOTA, at least as chasers.

73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:
Congratulations on getting a 60m allocation in Spain. I take it that those frequencies are dial frequencies and assume USB?
Looking at the frequencies you have given, there are no channels which correspond directly with those which we are allowed to use here in the UK. So the only possibility of any QSO’s between the UK stations and Spain would be to use split channel working… provided of course that that is permitted in Spain and in the UK.
Does anyone know for sure if split channel working is permitted i.e. A UK station transmits on a UK channel and the spanish station on one of the spanish channels? It would of course mean that a UK station would have to listen outside the UK allocated channels!
Ken - GM0AXY

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Hi Ken,

Assuming USB, there is overlap with 5313KHz which is within the UK allocation of 5313KHz - 5323 KHz. Regarding split working, that has been the case for a number of years where allocations in different regions do not tally. Unless specifically prohibited by the Spanish licence I would not see a problem with cross channel working.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Yes, assuming that 5313 is dial frequency and the use of USB, that will work!
If it is a “centre” frequency, as used to be published in the UK, it won’t. That is why I asked the question, hi!

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Hello Mikel,

Good news. If you paste the link below into your browser ~ it is the world wide 5Mhz allocations as of June 2013 which you may find interesting.

Seasons greetings.
Mike G6TUH

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Alternatively just click on this link:

In reply to G3CWI:

The chart leaves a great deal to be desired. For example, several of the USA allocations look (pictorially) like they coincide exactly with the UK allocations, but upon closer examination they do not.

Walt (G3NYY)

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Hi Ken
After reading again carefully the paper, I see that it is only said that could be used on “telegraphy and carrier supressed single side band” No more about if some of the frequencies are to be specifically used on both or which SB must be used.

As to working on split, well, I dont really know what to think… The SWL licenses were abolished in EA long time ago, after some troubles (Of course, I only can guess what was the reason). So, would it be legally listening on frequencies out of commercial ones? Who could say it…

Related to the specific freqs. URE proposed these: 5280, 5348, 5368, 5400, 5403 and 5373 kHz, but they were modified after consulting with MoD.

If I get more info about this, I’ll post it here

73 de Mikel

In reply to GM0AXY:

Yes, assuming that 5313 is dial frequency and the use of USB, that
will work!
If it is a “centre” frequency, as used to be published in the UK, it
won’t. That is why I asked the question, hi!

It has now been confirmed by URE that the frequencies listed are CENTRE frequencies, so the dial frequency is 1.5 kHz lower than each listed frequency.


5268.0 5266.5
5295.0 5293.5
5313.0 5311.5
5382.0 5380.5
5430.0 5428.5
5439.0 5437.5

I picked up this info from the ukfivemegs Yahoo Group.

Walt (G3NYY)

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Hi Walt,

Just had my first 60m QSO with EA working EA2JG split between 5379KHz /5382 KHz. It took a while to find a station who would listen up & down from their QRG but Arseli did & it was a pleasure to work him.

Good signals into England this time of night from EA but Arseli reported that he could not hear any other EA’s on 60m other than the Canary islands, as would be expected on the band at night.

A Very Happy New Year to all :slight_smile:

73, Mark G0VOF