60 meters

Hello everyone,

I was in Dover yesterday and had a discussion with a radio friend about the 60m (5MHZ) band.

He told me there was not such a thing as amateur radio om 60m. So either I am hearing things that aren’t there or going bananas.

Now can anyone point me at some sites, official announcements… where info about 60m is included?

I’d love to prove him wrong. If he’s wrong I’m sure this will end in him buying me a pint in the pub :o).

Thank you, 73,


In reply to ON3WAB:
60m is allowed in the UK but it is by a NOV (notice of variation) to the licence.
This has to be applied for and is time limited. Other countries have a similar system for example EI.

Roger G4OWG

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In reply to ON3WAB:

Try here Peter…


In reply to ON3WAB:
60m is available in 88 DXCC countries now. Have a look at http://www.60meters.net/

73 Pete

In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter

There is also a 60m band DX Chat page at Error 404 - Page Not Found - QTH.com, Inc. but it doesn’t get much use.

The activity period last night did not generate much interest. It is held once per month. There was a station in Iceland reported at 2345z. I got up for an hour between 0415z and 0515z today called CQ and there was nothing about. There isn’t much CW activity on the band yet, which is dissapointing to me - 21 DXCC countries worked and only one US state so far. Paul G0HNW (who specialises on 60m) is one of the the top DXers worldwide on 5 MHz I reckon.

73 Phil

Thanks for all your help, guys. So as I already knew, he owes me at least 1 pint :o).

In reply to Phil G4OBK

Sofar I have only heard TF, EI, GM and lots of G’s on 5 Mhz, but it is an interesting band and CW would indeed add more to it.


In reply to ON3WAB:

Interesting that you have relatively so few countries heard, Peter, as after local midnight I often hear a mass of stations in North America and the Caribbean with many stations peaking well over S9, though conditions do seem very variable. My antenna is a G5RV rewired as a doublet at 6 metres above ground, tuned with an MFJ-949E.


Brian G8ADD

Hi Brian,

Well sofar I’ve usually listened when there was a possibility of SOTA stations so during our day time.

Maybe I should give it a try later in the evening and see what comes up. 40 and 80 also give better results later in the evening/night as far as distance is concerned. I did not realise there are already 88 countries that are allowed to use 60m.

Thanks for the tip.


In reply to G4OBK:

The activity period last night did not generate much interest. It is
held once per month.

:0( Nothing here but faint voices in S8 of mush between 23:30 and 01:40, but I was monitoring. Maybe everyone else was monitoring too, the age old problem. I have worked also have worked 21 DXCCs including Djibouti, Ascension Island and Nicaragua and a disappointing 8 US states.

Steve GW7AAV