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6 Motorways for a 2 pointer

Hi All,

Activation Report for G/SP-008 Boulsworth Hill-Lad Law 21/06/2009

After having to cancel SP-016 Raw head on Tuesday for illness reasons,I was determined to make sure we got this Alert sorted.

Since Thursday Night when we both had seafood for Tea,we had woken on Friday with a double session of Mild Gout(which we both suffer from but is under control usually??) I had visions we would have to cancel SP-008 for another day.

We woke this morning to find symptoms had reduced to a painiller manageable level( If you have ever suffered you will know what I am talking about). We decided to go for it. Setting off at 8am with a hour and half estimated journey to parking spot and estimating one hour walk in that would give us half hour to get a brew and setup beam with 4m & 6m dipoles also.

Getting to parking spot after as I said in title of report,6 different motorways( M56,M6,M62,M60,M66,M65.)we had plenty of time to walk in to to Trig. so we paced ahead on reasonable track slowly and arrived at the end of track,but only halfway to Summit? No visible track ahead of us for at least 1/4 mile. we found a sort of route just off to the left which took us through a ravine steep on both sides with a heavy stream flowing down. After a slow careful navigation of this we eventually after much slogging through boggy heather,found a pathway to summit of sorts!! This had left us late arriving at Top,but moved slightly back to stones to get some shelter from wind. I set up by putting beam up and realised no 6m dipole in bag.

Started off on 2m ssb 300 calling out no reply, dropped to reliable source G4USW on 3MP to QSY to 290 and asked him to listen. CQ and got him,said he would spot me so QRZ till Tony G7OEM came back to me with good 5-9 report both ways from Blackpool. Faithful Steve GW7AAV gave me third with another call coming in with him. Steve said possible electrical storm by him so kept looking over my shoulder as M3NVJ Colin gave me No4. Weather was getting colder with the odd spots of rain. While speaking to M0CEC Geoff & 2E0CSG Derek, my new perch rod fell and beam went crashing to floor.refixed it and continued on 2m for 5 more calls inc 3 from same household (firstly 2E0OCC,followed by M6MIJ,and finally 1st contact with M0OYG with his new call).While speaking to Nathan,he commented my signal was better when beam was on floor so maybe thats the way to go next activation? Turned beam south hoping for Don G0RQL in Devon,and up he pops with a 5-5 to me,furthest contact of the day so thanks for that.

Final contact on 2m ssb was another faithful G4BLH,Mike,close enough for me to shout to him from summit. Told him it had gone quiet on 2m so may get off with pending Storm approaching from west?? He commented he would monitor 4m in case I decided to go there. I packed Beam away with two of its elements bent but OK. Wouxun 699 battery connected and homebrew helical attached I shouted for a couple of Mins on 70 FM but no reply. Helical obviously not any better than rubber duck( I Must get myself a descent antenna for 4m). Couldnt try 6m as I had forgot to pack 6m dipole.!??!

Decent was same on way back with boggy heather being crossed slowly,very quiet summit with only 100 or so sheep wandering round making lots of mess on the path. Back on journey via the same 6 Motorways,so a total of 12 in all for both journeys.

Overall,the day went well,shame no 4m or 6m contacts but at least I qualified the summit. No S2S today either,another frustration.

All calls logged in Database, sorry no photos today as Mrs C forgot camera.



In reply to 2E0LAE:

Hi Tony,

Sorry to hear that you missed out on any s2s again. We’ll be out and about next weekend as usual (still deciding on location) and will be looking for you.

73 de Chris M1DTJ

In reply to M1DTJ:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for that, I always seem to have more luck on GW summits.

We are heading up Foel Goch this sunday,so hopefully will get you and a few others, I only need 10 more uniques S2S for my 25 target on summitsbase!!

Take Care up there and hope to work you soon.