6 Meter Summit to Summit Event June 15, 2024

W7A (Arizona) will be hosting a 6 Meter Summit to Summit event on June 15, 2024 starting at 1400 UTC.

Recognizing how unpredictable 6 Meters can be, we are rolling the dice and hoping for the best. If the bands open on June 15th, getting 6 Meter S2S contacts should be a blast. If the band isn’t open, we should have enough local stations on surrounding summits to still get groundwave contacts. And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to get a bunch of S2S on the other bands.

We would love to see other stations from across the country/world join us on this day. Bring along 6 Meter capabilities on your activation and who knows, it may be an epic 6 Meter S2S day. Or it may just be a fantastic day of S2S on the other bands.

Charlie NJ7V


In case there is a really good opening, then will any participating stations have FT8 capability?

If I don’t get called for work, I would hope to take part. I would be QRV on 6m and 10m, FT4/FT8, CW, SSB & FM.

I’ll bring FT8/4.

I’m a newbie at those modes. I’ve got some practicing to do!

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