6.apr. dm/bw-228 hummelsberg

hi all,
after one week of working nightshift, the first day off. and the the first “normal” night i have a bad sleep and go much later to bed.
so i decided to go out this evening/night for a short “headlamp” activation on the summit hummelsberg,there i can activate not so far away from the carpark.only a short walk i have there.
but nothing is sure, what bands,modes and if antenna is working or not.never tested that antenna / wires before. hope it works on 160m.theory says yes :wink: time is plus minus 1 hour…hope the wx is ok. by rain or snow i will cancel before.i set the alert to 22utc. very bad phone net on this summit.hope rbn will catch me :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

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The weather forecast reports new snow falls this night. so i have to go earlier.
later i went to the summit and build the inv.V. ant between two trees with horizontal wire at abt. 15mtrs up. output 10wtts. i look for a spot with phone net and set the alert to actual activation time. new time is 19:00-20:00 utc with about 2 hours on the summit. then it becomes to cold. hope to make some dx :slight_smile: 80m band is not sure with this antenna. antenna is from 56m wire with 2 counterpoise wires abt.40m and two with 20mtr.i will start at 20m?..then 30 and 40m. then i will try to tune this wire on 160mtr band…only a test,lets look how it works :-)if i have a phone net i will also try to call on ssb and maybe psk31,but only if time for that.

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hallo Klaus,

Ein lautes signal in Holland!! 58 on 80 m.
Ich bedanke mich fur die activierung!

73 ! Sake PA0SKP

Ich hore nichts in 30m.

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Thanks Klaus.
You certainly worked the bands tonight!
Thanks for the nice one on 40 metres.
73 Pete

Hi all,
at home again @01:40utc.
tomorrow i will post some photos and a short activation report.
a big thanks you to all who called in and make this activation a big success.
i´m very happy :slight_smile: never thinked about so many dx contacts and also
nice top band qso´s…
now its time for bed :wink:

vy 73 es cu
DF2GN/p Klaus

not so many photos , it was too dark to make a few :wink:
what a nice actiavtion. first i made 16 qso´s on top band and 37 qso´s to north american sota friends…including a really nice summit to summit to arkansas. KD5ZZK Andrew on W5A/BR-006 …both sides QRP in SSB. i went earlier to the summit to build the antenna in daylight. i had used 4 radials, two with abt. 40mtrs and two with 20mtrs. antenna wire abt. 56m as inv.L with a vertical part abt. 15mtrs lightly slooped between two trees. the antenna and my operating position was directly at the cliffs with a free take off to north west.( in the photo you can see the city lights of the small town deilingen )after the cliffs it goes about 100mtrs down…so the effective height of the antenna was good and i had a low radiation. never thinked that this antenna gives me some real s9 reports from na in ssb mode. output was on all bands 10 watt from my kx3.
maybe i will do this again, but not so long operation time…maybe in 4 weeks again after the next week of working nighshift

thanks all and greetings

klaus DF2GN


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Hello Klaus,

Thank you - well done. Glad I caught up with you on 80 :sunglasses:

Thanks for photos - I think it must have been above 0C!

I think you made a lot of chasers around the world very happy by working so

many bands/modes. The contact with KD5ZZK Andrew (S2S)is a very good one - for

both of you I think .

Bye for now

Best wishes

Mike G6TUH

Edit update: Klaus is 16 x 160M contacts from a summit a 1st?

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Klaus, impressive!! By looking at your log, I can almost feel how great was that activation.
You have made many chasers happy for sure, and I guess your satisfaction at the end of the activation.

Myself, I was really surprised when I heard you on 10MHz at that evening time, but never guessed you’d stay for such that long on the summit…
Congratulations on all your experiments. You bag will be full of wire meters, hi!

PSE Keep it doing so well and take much care on the hills, VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD

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Hi Klaus,

fein Dich wieder so aktiv auf den Bändern zu hören.
Congrats zum ufb Erfolg auf dem Hummelberg!
War glücklich Dich auf 80m mit meinem Stück Indoor-Draht (hi)
arbeiten zu können.

Vy73 und weiter so

hi and thanks for nice replies.
i was more as 4 hours on the summit. temperature last night was ok and with vy good clothes and warm drink with me not really a problem. on two actiavtions before i also been more as 3 hours on a summit at daylight, but there it was much colder. the only difference is , that it is dark.

so i post now a very important note to night activations !
i´m not the first activator that do a night activation but
i do this again only on summits as at example dm/bw-228. i was many many times on this summit to do sports as cross running and climbing. and the summits there i go to do a night activation have a flat top with activation zone near the carpark. next time i do this again on bw-156, bw-046 or bw-082…no more.
all are safe summits !
i wan´t to say that if another one try this out, please stay save and beware of dangers on a summit. you have to be very keen with the summit you were on!

by the way…this operation time was not planned by me and i normaly qrt after the first 2,5 hours . but i´m a ham, and at the time i heard this loud signals from na i forgot the time :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

Hi all,
this week i working lateshift till 20utc. maybe i will go again on dm/bw-228 or bw-057 this week later in the evening/nightime. maybe at abt 2200utc plus minus. but only in a quick activation with a triple leg from 4 x 7mtrs wire, a piece symetric feeder and a small tuner. with a fishing rope this antenna is set up in a few minutes. bands are 14-18mhc in cw and ssb. maybe also 30m…,will not stay to long. only if no rain ! will alert at the evening…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN/p

DM/BW-057 Lupfen

good enough to install a 1/2wave vertical for the 40m band. will try that out next time…

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Nice place for a geocache Klaus ;-))

In reply to G1INK:
yes ;-)) maybe we will meet in dm/rp land this year !

hi all,

i want to say thank for the calls the past 3 night activations. good to be not allone on the summit at nighttime. also a few european callers called in , thats nice. a big thank you to callers from north america for making qso. i had meet many new sota friends from different states and countries now, included some new, never worked before. yesterday was the last night activation for the next weeks, because of different working times now. so maybe in abt. 3 or 4 weeks again on the hummelsberg later in the evening.
on the last 2 activations i used only 5-10watts into a very cheap antenna. a 8mtr fishing rope with 4 times 7mtr. 0,75mm wire as a triple leg with feedpoint only 1 mtr over ground.feeded by a piece of old tv-cable abt. 100ohm and small tuner. yesterday i tried also to call on 40m band with this small antenna and it was possible to do some ssb contacts…nice :slight_smile: but the main reason for the activations was to work some new sota friends from north america…and it works :slight_smile:

today i ordered a bnc antenna switch , because now i had build all antennas to test, and the next weeks i will do some live A - B antenna comparison on the local summits to work out what ant i will use in future activations.

next actiavtion is next week on dm/bw-74 “hohenkarpfen” summit ( a old vulcano in swabian alps ) and dm/bw-46 “plettenberg”-summit.
there i will also do a little test of my 50/28mhz equipment,so i hope some hb9 or dl stations will look for my sig.

so again thanks for nice dx-contacts in the past 3 activations and the european callers who worked me at late time…

cu again, 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus

Thanks very much for the 40m SSB QSO at 23.00 utc. It was midnight in the UK and I was just about to go to bed when I noticed the SSB spot as I was turning off the iPad for the day. I was aware you were on the summit but didn’t think you would be on SSB.

Thanks very much for the points and I hope to catch you again in 3-4 weeks on another nighttime activation on SSB.

73 de. Mick M0MDA

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Klaus thanks for showing us what good propagation we have to EU on both 30m and 20m in your evenings at this time of year. As the weather gets warmer, hopefully some other overnight operations from EU will be trying for NA at 21z and later.

73, Bill W4ZV