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I am interested to know what rigs chasers and activators use to operate on 5Mhz.

73 Glyn …GM4CFS


In reply to GM4CFS:

FT-1000Mk5, FT-817




In reply to G3CWI:
Richard do you have any details on mods to 817 for 5Mhz use?



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IC706MKIIG OR FT897D but only as a chaser

73 Graham


In reply to GM4CFS:

I think it depends upon which model you have as to which mod is appropriate. I had to dive in and solder/unsolder some small links. John G3YSS provided me with the info (and it worked). On the older models a software mod could be done I believe.




In reply to GM4CFS:
FT1000MP MkV, FT817 and Alinco DX-70; the first one stays in the shack for obvious reasons of size & weight, the Alinco is used from mobile / portable
and the 817 goes in the rucksack for the hills.
73 de Ken


In reply to G4JZF:
Hi Glyn.
I use the Kenwood TS570 and the FT-817nd. The Kenwood has to be hardware modified and if the FT-817 is less than about 2 years old it will need to be hard modified as well. The software mod won’t work on models less than that age.
I’m a chaser by the way.


In reply to GM4CFS:as a learning chaser i use a IC706 MkI & FT817 early model both hard moded and a dedicated W3EDP aerial


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FT-817, external 12v SLAB, Inverted V cut for 5.4MHz with apex nominally at 4m.

My 817 is quite venerable and was obtained secondhand already modified but it is the type that can be put in extended TX using software. IIRC the latest 817s need to have some links soldered/unsoldered.

I’m not a big chaser but I use a TS570DG from home. It’s modded for TX on 5MHz (link unsoldered).



In reply to G3CWI:
Richard - I have the newer version 6 months old 817ND. Cant find 3YSS details on QRZ. Could you pass a request on to him to get intouch re 817ND mods at glynatgm4cfsdotcodotuk

many thanks Glyn


In reply to GM4CFS:

Glyn it is John G4YSS. try m1nnnataol.com


In reply to GM4CFS:
I have a FT920 (had to unsolder a couple of SMD’s) & K2 (added option)for 5 MHz.

Sorry I think the unsolder mod was for another radio.



In reply to GM4CFS:
Hi Glyn,
I’m a chaser - FT100 and dipole 8 foot high
Not any hills to activate here in Suffolk.
Dave G4GKE


In reply to GM4CFS:
Does anyone have mod details for the IC-7400. Have seen a mod on the internet which involves removing 3 links but would like to meet someone who has actually done the mod to discuss it before diving under the bonnet!



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If you dont get a response here, try:





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Hi Glyn.I use Yaesu ft920 for base with home made dipole at 4mtrs AGL.Also have an ft857d ready for porable use on camp sites as I have a job getting up the hills so I leave that to the good guys.The 857d is the late one so requires solder job,the earlier ones were software modded.
Have you checked DKMODS for your Icom.Don G0RQL N.Devon.


As a chaser I use Icom IC-7400, FT-897D, FT-817ND
As an activator I use the FT-897D or the FT-817ND with 7ah slab and inverted v 60/40 Mtr dipole on 7Mtr telescopic pole.
For 2fm/ssb I use a 3 ele sotabeam.




In reply to GM4CFS:
I use an FT817 for chasing and the occasional activation, in conjunction with a bell-wire doubletfor portable and a G5RV for fixed, and a small homebrew Z-match; my earlyish model was opened up with Softjump, I understand that more recent models can’t be opened with this program but a local ham has succeeded in opening one up in the last couple of weeks with a more recent version of the program - or so I have been told! I will try and find out more as it could be useful information.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:
Just managed to do a hardware mod to my 817ND and it seems to be working OK. Just need someone to talk to!!!

Now I have the job of doing a mod to my IC-7400.



In reply to MW0IDX:

Roger, can you send me the 5mhz hardware mods required for the FT920, please?
Tried opening via the expanded menu but no luck!

73s de Peter G3TJE+