Just a thought. Lately noise levels on channel FE seem to be affecting most of us, often resulting in requests from chasers for a qsy to a quieter frequency. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be better for us to adopt another channel for SOTA use? Maybe channel FA? Any thoughts?


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Any move away from FE would have to fit in with the EI N.O.V`s. not sure which “channels” they have perhaps someone can enlighten us.

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Yes indeed Steve. I only suggested FA as an example. EI must be included, so a channel to suit them would be mandatory.


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Glad to see that EI is not forgotten!! The IRTS fought long and hard to get 60m approval. Our channels are FB, FE and FM.


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Hi Mike and Steve

As far as I’m aware they have 3 channel allocations; FB (5.278.50), FE (5.398.50) and FM (5.403.50)


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Thanks Pete & Carolyn for the info. The news uses FM on Sundays so as a suggestion to suit all, how about a move to FB for SOTA?

Let’s have everyones views please.


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FB appears to be used for data traffic


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Interesting suggestion Mike. Being one so affected (typically S7 to S9+ noise here on FE), I work what I can on the frequency. The best channel for me is FK where the S meter rarely registers above S2 of noise, but I have operated that frequency from some summits and have been told by chasers that it is noisy at their end. I guess there is no one channel that is clear for all of us.

One solution might be in the hands of the activators - continue to use FE and before closing, announce and undertake a QSY to another channel. Many of the regular chasers are considerably stronger than the activators (with the notable exception of INKy), so to make the proposal effective the QSY could be announced by a chaser, so providing a better chance of the secondary channel being noted by those listening.

Might be worth a try.

73, Gerald

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FE has become the Channel of choice purely by usage, no other reason. On the hills qrm on 5MHz is minimal making life easy for the activator. I regularly qsy to another channel when somebody qsp’s the request to move to somewhere quieter for the chaser. In my opinion this is one decision which is best made by the majority of chasers, and the activators then operate accordingly - provided the Channel is freely available.



Barry GM4TOE

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After reading just a few replies I think Gerald’s suggestion makes a lot of sense. Sticking to FE with a request for a qsy by those who are struggling suits all, including the EI lads.


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I think the Barry and Gerald’s suggestions make the most sense. Start on FE as is practice and QSY when requested by any of the strong chasers passing on a request. There always seem to be enough strong chasers about to ensure a request to QSY will get relayed. With the final suggestion to call a couple of times on each of the other channels, assuming they’re free, before closing down. That way you can pickup anyone who really can’t operate on FE.

FB was suggested. ISTR that if there’s going to be data station (non amateur) audible, then FB is where they are. I could be wrong though.


Update: Mike, you managed to post your message whilst I was typing! The difference we have is that the chasing pack is co-operative on 5MHz SOTA and is happy to standby for stations having problems. Whereas the pack is combative on DX/other bands! That’s why requests to QSY should work without trauma for chasers who really want to work the summit. :wink:

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Yes I agree Andy, plus the fact that staying with FE to start with ensures that the EI lads will get a shot at the summits too.


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I have found that any of the chanels can be noise even on the summits but calling on FE has mostly got the initional contact required then we all can QSY to our hearts desire once the activation is up and running. So as myself and I think a good few more monitur FE just leve it as is and QSY when needed.

73 Dave

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I agree, Dave, when I’m busy in the shack I use the dual watch feature to monitor FE and either 144.300 or 7.118.


Brian G8ADD

I monitor FE all the time when I am not at work during the day and I can’t say I have noticed any increase in noise on this particular frequency over the the last couple of years. There are certain seasonal variations in the noise levels and usage by prime users and pirate fish phone. All the foxtrot channels will have some noise or other on them at different times or even occasionally all at the same time.

I would suggest that calling FE is still the best thing to do but QSY to either FB or FM only so we keep the EI stations in the game. Bear in mind that on Sunday the GB2RS news is followed by a net on FM.

Calling on any other frequency than FE without self-spotting will I am sure be self defeating as those that monitor the band tend to listen here during the day and FM in the evenings for the State side DX.

Steve GW7AAV