5MHz on FT-857D?

Anyone using a FT-857D on 60m? If so, how? The manual states it should have preprogrammed channels, but mine doesnt appear to, im guessing due to it being a UK/EU version not the US version.

Is there a way to open it up ‘just’ for 60m, or do i have to go the whole ‘expanded Tx’ route?

And, how do they perform on 60m?

Martin G7MRV

In reply to MX0TSE:

They perform very well on 5 megs, but I’m afraid it has to be the full opening up which loses you your programmed in repeater shifts. The mod is easy to do - I did both my 857 and my 817, and I reckon that if I can do it, anybody can!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Good to know it performs well. I’ll look into the expansion. It doesnt bother me much using opened up rigs (very used to ‘go anywhere’ transmitters in the past), and i only have one thing programmed in memory, my local 2m repeater.

Might think about it after the hols then