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5mhz mod ft897d

I am looking for accurate information on changing my ft897d and ft2000d for operation on 5mhz,
I followed links for the ft817 and did this successfully, but it is not so clear for the 897d. If anyone can guide me to the correct info I would be grateful.

73 Mike G0HIO

In reply to G0HIO:
I would try Yahoo groups as there will probably be one for these radios otherwise I am unable help. Sean M0GIA

In reply to G0HIO:

Details of the jumpers controlling the frequency ranges of the 897D can be downloaded from:


There is also a lot of information on the Yahoo Group for the FT-897. I have been told that the major suppliers will open the rig for a smallish charge but will need to verify that you have an NoV for the band. However the FT-897D should have arrived with the American 5 megs channels already in the memories which means that you will not have the most used channel, 5.3985, but you will have the DX channels, 5.3715 and 5.4035.

I have no information on the FT-2000D but imagine that mods.dk will help with this rig, too.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G0HIO:

As already stated, major dealers will perform the FT897D mod for you for a small charge upon proof of your NOV.

Certainly in the case of the dealer I spoke to, if your radio is still under warranty, if they carry out the expansion, then your warranty will still be valid afterwards.

I modified mine myself after checking information from several sources. There is a little fiddly soldering involved but as a full licence holder it should present no major problems.

Models produced in the past few years cannot be expanded by software alone.

I cannot help with the FT2000 I’m afraid.

Hope to work you on 60m soon.


Mark G0VOF

In reply to G8ADD:

I had a quick look at www.mods.dk and there is an expanded TX mod for the FT2000.


Brian G8ADD

If you are having difficulty with mods.dk saying you have reached your download limit you can easily bypass this by providing spoof email addresses. You can register with a fake address such as IWONTPAY00@mailinator.com. Goto mailinator.com and pickup the registration details to complete the registration. Then you can download a file. If you want more files then register IWONTPAY01@mailintator.com etc. until you have downloaded all the files you want. Sensible hams will not use their callsign.

mods.dk is very annoying… the data does not belong to mods.dk and has been uploaded FOC by hams around the world. For the website owner to now monetise the data that other people have gathered is most definitely not the ham spirit. My own webserver which mirrors some of the files found on mods.dk costs me about 14p a day and gives 500GB of storage and 8TB/month of bandwidth. More than enough to run 50 copies of mods.dk! Think about this when paying $7 for 3 months access… it would only take 13 users to pay to cover my hosting charges for a year. How much profit is mods.dk making?

Sorry, rant off.


In reply to G0HIO:
Ok thanks everyone for the information. I have widebanded the ft-897d with no problems this afternoon.

I can only find one piece of information on the FT2000d so have decided to leave that radio for now. (ft2000 is under warranty untill October) FT2000d looks like the easiest one to do with just one solder joint.

I live in Burton on Trent, so I am a long way from Martin lynch or Waters and Stanton, the mods were not difficult to do but the information available didnt give me any confidence.

Thanks again everyone, roll on spring.

73 Mike G0HIO/uhf/vhf/hf/5mhz/rtty/cw/hgv/tsb/mot

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Any more SOTA people in Burton and we will have our own mafia… that’s 6 I know in this area that do SOTA…

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Any more SOTA people in Burton and we will have our own mafia…
that’s 6 I know in this area that do SOTA…

There is a very interesting SOTA section on the Burton upon Trent Amateur Radio Club web site:


Walt (G3NYY)

In reply to G3NYY:

We do our best at the Burton ARC :wink:

Received my NoV today - no errors with callsign or details :slight_smile:

Just tried to open up 5MHz by using WidebanderV4. Went through the process, indication on computer screen was that it was successful. CAT radio and COM port set correctly.

Result was no change to the radio whatsoever. Mine is a normal Yaesu FT-897 (not D).

Any ideas folks?


In reply to MM0FMF:
Having supplied mods.dk with info. in the past I agree Andy.
KB2LJJ is another good site for manuals, mods etc. He does ask for donations, but anyone can download info. for free.

In reply to M0KPO:
Cheltenham had better watch out ;o))

Graham G4FUJ

Also tried using the download from the FT-897 Yahoogroup, no joy. Had a look inside top panel to see how feasible/fiddly the jumpers mod was - but couldn’t even find them!

817 for activations will be fine as it is already widebanded, but it would be nice to be able to actually work some of the many 5MHz activations I SWL in the shack.


In reply to M1EYP:
Tom, I’d suggest having a look in the FT897 Yahoo group files. Unlike the FT-817 where the firmware change could be done by software on pre-D models I don’t think this applied to the FT-897 - the change came before the D model arrived. Somewhere I have a seen the serial number list showing when this occurred, but can’t remember where!
I do have a copy of the Yaesu mod sheet (thanks to Peter G0FIM) to open up the Tx a bit, but this is mainly for the purpose of increasing 7MHz band. Applicable to both FT-857 & FT-897.
email direct if you would like a copy (assuming I can find it!).

Graham G4FUJ
graham-g4fuj (AT) talk21.com

Thanks Graham. My 897 already works on 7.1 to 7.2 MHz, it is just the 5MHz band I need to get access to. 817 is fine on both.


In reply to M1EYP:
Ah. Presumably the extended 40m band was done by hardware mod? Might explain why Widebander did not work.
Have a look at KB2LJJ web site FT-857/897. I think to get the 5MHz band most have opened the hf TX side up to be the same as the hf Rx coverage.
73 Graham G4FUJ