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51 in 50

Just noticed that today I completed my 51st SOTA activation in the last 50 days. I’m not claiming a record or anything as I’m certain there must many examples of much higher intensity by some activators. But “51 in 50” pleased and amused me in equal measure, so I’m recording it here!

I’ll be honest with you, I started writing this post because I thought it was “50 in 50” - but then I spotted another one - grrr!!!

740 QSOs have been involved…


You have been a busy Goat! Makes my 2 actications pale in comparison. Too bad the higher bands are not as good now as I recall working a pedestrian mobile somewhere in the UK. Good Luck 73 Tom NQ7R Casa Grande , AZ

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And some how you still have time to write about it! Great job!

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The ambitious plan is to activate every day in December (I missed two days in November). 20 down, 11 to go…

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Hi Tom, congratulation for your perseverance…

A little bird told me that, while you were running up to the summits, somebody had heard you repeating " i can quit whenever i want":wink:
in ham spirit
73 de Roberto


Good going that Tom I have only managed the one so far this month, did have listen for you the bands last week trying to get a few completes.
To make things worse I didn’t realise the site I have working on the past few days was a SOTA Summit
GW/MW-037 Brandy Hill.

Happy Christmas

Currently on 55 in 53 … and going out activating again shortly!

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