50mHz Delta Loop

19:00 - 21:30 on Tuesday 27th May is the RSGB 50mHz Activity contest and it of course coincides with the Tuesday SOTA fun nights.

If you have half an hour before then you may care to look at my hastily thrown together web page and build a Delta Loop for six metres, because that is how long it took me to make.

Come on if you have an FT-817 and you have the time to make one there is no excuse.

Remember the sporadic E season is fast approaching and six has been already open around lunch time a couple of times this last week.


Regards Steve GW7AAV 73

Why take several antennas up the hill when the boom of this design could of be also used for a 2/70 SOTAbeam.


Have 6m delta loop antenna ready to go :slight_smile:

Don’t have 817 - at the docs having rear power socket repaired :frowning:

Maybe next month.

But good on yer Steve for combining the RSGB AC with the SOTA FE. Sorry I won’t be on with Ron and yourself on 6m.


In reply to M1EYP:

I am disappointed you will not be on. I do not think I can make it up a hill due to commitments such as family taxi services etc. in the evenings but I was hoping to work a few more stations from home than last time, hence the reason for something horizontally polarized.

I have a modified Silver Rod CB antenna as a six metre vertical and a 5/8 wave two metre antenna works as a quarter wave on six metres for mobile operation so I just about have it covered. (Who said they haven’t got an aerial for 6m?)

Hopefully the conditions will be better this time.

Steve GW7AAV

I could possibly use my VX-7R on 6m FM, using the SMA-BNC adaptor, allowing me to use the delta loop. Wouldn’t be a lot of activity, but perhaps a couple of chasers coming on for the points!


Doh! Just realised that this Tuesday is the 1.3/2.3GHz week, and the 6m is the following week, 27 May, as Steve says. I could well be back up and running with the full kit by then. I don’t do (have) 23cm/13cm, so it will be ‘normal’ SOTA Fun Evening for me this week. I will be on 2m FM only, for the same reason as I was going to be on 6m FM only!

Cheers, Tom M1EYP