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50MHz Contest from NW-051


Many thanks to all stations who called me this morning in the RSGB 2nd 50MHz Contest and to Steve G1INK for the spot.

Contest went on till 1200hrs but my 7Ah SLAB died on me at the start of the final hour. I normally operate with 2.5 or 5W but I was running 25W today so obviously didn’t quite have the capacity for a three hour contest!

Had 46 contacts in all, EI3GE being the only non-UK station worked, best dx was GM4ODA/P in IO66VB at 378km.

I came 5th in the contest in 2005, 3rd last year but I am not going to improve on that this year :frowning:
Must try harder next time and use a bigger battery!

Best wishes,