500th unique from EA2/BI-009 and other delicatesse

Today we are on holidays here (from thursday till next monday) and despite I was left alone :frowning: -no kid, no sota friend… as all has went for spend some days out- I decided to activate an easy one: Oiz EA2/BI-009.
From there, and with my friend Antonio EC2AG, who was at EA1/LR-048, I’ve reached my unique summit #500 (worked, not activated).

So, this is what we call a “round” day: 4 pts activation, 500 unique summits, on a very fine hiking & “sotting” day -sunny and no wind-, ending with a lunch at my 85 y.o. aunt’s, plenty of basque tipycal food!, mmm…

That’s a good day, wasn’t it?

73 de Mikel
(more details & photos soon at: http://ea2cw.blogspot.com.es )

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Congratulation…I’am happy…Ec2ag…Antonio

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Thank you, mate! Have a nice SOTA trip!

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Hola Mikel…
Congratulations result.Always nice to listen U on the CW like:ea2cw/p qrz-ta :))?.
de Rob(ert) SP8RHP,Vy 73!.

Congratulations Mikel, now for the 1.000 uniques summits :wink:

73 de Marcial

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May we celebrate together up there at Gorbeia Mt?

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Sounds like a perfect day. Congrats!