500th S2S unique

Hello All,

Since my first Sota activity in may 2009, i collect S2S contact.
I nearly reach 500 “unique” S2S (498 in fact).
May be tomorrow (25/06/2015) as i will be on F/AM-289 i’ll have the opportunity
to reach my goal…
Which one of the activator bring me the 500th S2S?

73’s and see you soon.
Gerald F6HBI

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I hope to be on DM/BW-348 tomorrow afternoon and would love to be your 500th but looking at you’re alert I’m going to be too late for you (I won’t be running CW either). In any case - good luck with getting the 500th unique S2S that will be quite an achievement!

73 Ed.

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Good luck, Gerald!

500 unique s2s will be good for Summitsbase Advanced Award #5.

73 cu, Heinz HB9BCB

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Good luck Gerald.
Hope you make the magic number soon.

How do you classify a unique s2s?

Unique activation summit.
Unique chased summit.
Unique activator. (that would be some achievement)
Or all 3 or combination there of?


Hello Pete,
Just before living house at 04:30!


  1. Every Summit to Summit contact must be unique, i.e. an activator activating Summit A may claim the S2S contact with summit B only once, however the same activator activating Summit B may then claim a S2S contact with Summit A.