50 Shades of Grey

Yes, that about sums up today’s activation of Coity Mountain GW/SW-012 and Mynydd Carn-y-cefn GW/SW-014.

The only splash of colour was where I added it with a SOTA flag, wire winders and Ducky!
I’m sure the sun will come back soon!
Thanks to all the chasers (yes even the 4x 2m FM S2Ss - :open_mouth:)



It was very cold in the wind when we did them last Friday (16th) but there was occasional sunshine so it looked a lot less grey. No hoar frost either but the street where we parked (by the Round Towers) was coated in verglass when we arrived as were parts of the track,

Quite strange that a summit with fewer than 50 logged activations should have been done six times already this year :open_mouth: , assuming I have remembered the Alerts and Spots correctly for those not yet logged.

Let’s see what the weather does at the weekend.


Now there some very interesting Photos.
Love the Duck :wink:
So when I manage to get up Kitt hill one will take my special friend with me.

Strange how different summits have different photos, never the same, Love it.
Thanks again for sharing.


That’s about how I felt about a couple summits at the beginning in January. W3/PD-003 and 004 were absolute pains that took two tries because of conditions. Just add trees everywhere to your pics, and that’s how it was OM. HIHI…73 - W3AAX

AMAZING PHOTOS!!! amazing place!

It was very different in the Peak District. Although it was cloudy while I was activating, the sun soon came out and I enjoyed a magnificent 9 mile walk in snow across the Peak. Using buses meant that a linear walk could be done.

…but having got fit through cycling I soon discovered that the fitness was not “transferable”. Different muscles clearly get used when walking in deep snow; thus the final mile home from the bus stop was purgatory.


My duck(s) travel everywhere with me.
It’s so that when it pours with rain, at least one of us will be happy!


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Hard joob Peter…
Tnx for the GW/SW-014 20/30/40m CW!!.
Vy 73 de Rob SP8RHP.