5 years z3-sota


SOTA in Macedonia started on 1 May 2009.
For five years out from 268 SOTA peaks in Macedonia activated were a total of 136.
Macedonian radio amateurs made 366 activations, all on HF.
Z3-SOTA chasers contacted more than 2500 activated summits.
Several Z3-SOTA summits were activated by foreign radio amateurs from Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Greece.
Z3-SOTA operators activated several summits in Greece and one in Germany.
Damjan, Z35BY is a Mountain Goat with 1397 points.
Vlado, Z35M has won 100 S2S Award.

Vlado, Z35M


In reply to Z35M:
Congratulations, Vlado and Z3-SOTA,
it always is a pleasure to hear your signals on the air and it was a privilege to meet you on DL/EW-001.
Good luck and see you later!
Martin DF3MC

In reply to DF3MC:
Dear Martin,
Thank you for your hospitality.
Hope to meet you again on the air and in person.

73, Vlado