5 Year Anniversary for VK5 Association

This coming Long Weekend will mark the 5th year since SOTA started in South Australia.
A total of 674 activations have been achieved in that time, no Mountain Goat awards have been reached yet .
12 people have achieved enough points to became Shack Sloth but I do not know how many have applied for this award. VK5PAS has the highest score of 72 Unique Summit Activations and VK5WG has 773 Summits the highest score of Unique Summits chased. It is not a race or competition I know for my own well being in year 2016 I went to 44 summits hiked 200 km and travelled at least 500 km in a weekend trip several times.
Paul VK5PAS in year 2013 activated 48 Unique summits with a total of 63 activations for that year.
Keep up the good work and I am ever hopeful some others might take up the SOTA challenge in the future now that our most active Activators have a good base of information re access and land owner contact details. Building up the access and permission details is probably as hard as taking part in this program from an Activators perspective. If anyone would like to do an activation next season contact me I am happy to take you along or give you a farmers phone number.
Ian vk5cz …


Well done Ian and to all involved. One day I will get back over there! Tony VK3CAT