5 x 2 + 4 x 4 = 9

It was reported that on Saturday 20th November, on 144.330mhz and later on 70.475mhz a transmission that we thought had been lost forever!!

The lesser spotted LIMA ALPHA ECHO was heard to be warbling its unmistakable cry of CQ SOTA, CQ for Summits on the air!!

After a lengthy time with the Veterinary Surgeons and its Talon now fully repaired, it was perched on Black Hill (G/SP-002) yesterday in cloud base for approx 2 hours.

Thanks to all below for the contacts especially those on 4 meters:

2m ssb. 2E0FSR, 2E0WJC/P, M3VFB, G6ODU, 2E0BMO (5 x 2)

4m fm. G4XIV, G7RNX/P(S2S on LD-050), G1BAL, G7HAH (4 x 4)

= 9 contacts in all with some long great Qso’s

Thanks also to Alex for the only S2S of the day

Hopefully now its Talon is mended we will be hearing its cry more often and I for one am glad of its return !!

Best 73


In reply to G6MZX:

Hi Geoff

56 ??


No Geoff. Your answer is incorrect.

You have clearly chosen to interpret the question as ((5x2)+4)x4, which does indeed give 56. But the rules of BODMAS (maths curriculum Key Stages 2, 3, 4) insist that this problem must be interpreted as (5x2)+(4x4) which equals 26.

However, as by “2”, Tony means “2m QSOs”, and by “4” he means “4m QSOs”, then his own answer is correct, but could be better represented algebraically as:

5q + 4q = 9q

(NB: It is possible to get the answers 90 and 120, as well as 26 and 56 from this string!).