5 Summits a day!

Hello SOTA Friends.
This year again, we try the 5 X 10 points.
Date: 22/06/2011
Team: F5HTR/p & F5LKW/p
Rig: FT817ND - 2 Watts - MP1 aerial
Mode: Only CW
QRG: 14 - 10 Mhz
We only do 5 QSO by operator, then 10 QSO by summit.

  • F/AM-256 Cîme des Lauses 2640 8661 44 07 26 N 07 10 33 E JN34OC
  • F/AM-242 Mont Pepoiri 2674 8773 44 06 39 N 07 12 10 E JN34OC
  • F/AM-264 Cîme du Belletz 2600 8530 44 07 05 N 07 13 12 E JN34OC
  • F/AM-258 Caïre Archas 2632 8635 44 07 38 N 07 13 27 E JN34OD
  • F/AM-280 Mont Archas 2520 8268 44 07 01 N 07 14 26 E JN34OC

We will be QRV also via APRS (f5lkw-7).
Last year we only succeed 4 summits: F/AM-256-242-264-258 - Mercantour - YouTube

73 QRO
Bob and Roger

In reply to F5LKW:
Hi Bob /Roger.Is this in an 8 12 or 24 hour period .73 Geoff G6MZX

In reply to Geoff (G6MZX):
Hi Geoff.
We will start walking 6:30 am and … depending weather, heatlth ;-))
I think we will need 10 hours period
73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
Thanks for that ATB Geoff

In reply to F5LKW:

Hello brothers,

Good luck for this nice challenge.
Hope to follow you

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Hi Alain.
Weather seems stormy for 5 summits tour.
Waiting and see what happens …

In reply to F5LKW:
Probably we change date: Tuesday 21 th june 2011

In reply to F5LKW:
Hi all…
The next only Big Gun Chaser activity…no chance for little pistols like me with only 10qso´s per summit…
In the last time i hear many Activators going qrt after a few qso´s…and many chaser waiting…

sorry thats not my style

73 de Tom

In reply to DL1DVE:
Hi Tom,

I can understand your frustation but, in France like in few others country, to win 10 points, we have to climb to at least 2500m ASL (and don’t think there are cable cars there…)
So, 5 x 10 pointers a day is a real challenge and, of course,they will not be able to stay long time on each summit. But, I’m sure that Roger and Bob will make their best.
Please, have a look to their video, F/AM-256-242-264-258 - Mercantour - YouTube you will understand.

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
Hi Alain…

It has nothing to do with frustration or anything like that…
I have holidays and will be qrv from our contest qth with 4el on 20m and enough power to work them :slight_smile: I also have the biggest respect for Roger and Bob to do this 5 summits in one day…i see almost all videos from Roger…
But to my mind SOTA lives also from the chasers and if from the beginning more then 50% will have no chance to work the activator thats not OK.
This is my personal position…maybe i´m wrong…
I hope to meet you in Friedrichshafen…so we can discuss these in an eyeball qso.

best 73 de Tom

In reply to DL1DVE:

first 50% have no chance because of a non weekend day for that advanture. Second 50% of the remaining because of short operating times to assure the hiking goals … but that’s somehow part of living it looks like :slight_smile:

So have fun the way You like it.

Axel, DL6KVA

In reply to DL6KVA:
I agree with DL1DVE. 5x 10 point summit on one day is a big sportive challenge, and for this effort they have my full respect. But I regard an activation of a summit as a service for the chasers. The best I get for that, is the small pile-up, and I enjoy every QSO. So I never understand those activators who hurry from one summit to the next, just running the necessary QSOs to get those activator points. I watched some of them here in the area just using VHF/UHF handhelds, begging for direct QSOs on the next repeater. The partners did not even know what SOTA is! No effect for SOTA cachsers, but some “activator” points…hmmm!
I found my personal way to do it. I run QSOs on 7 MHz until I think everybody is happy, then try a higher band to give the longer distant chasers a chance. When I stop a pile-up, you can be sure that there is a reason like WX, battery low e.t.c. All other ways are not complient with my regarding of HAM spirit. When predicting that only a few QSOs will be made, this will encourage those who have switching on their big linears. And they will go on calling no matter whom you call, to be sure they are Nr 1-10, not number 11! I made some OEFF territories with 5W from a valley…the pile up was tremendous, and it was hard not to get washed away by all those 9+++ signals. I had to listen split-up. On SOTA this would mean I need the whole “SOTA window” for running QSOs. Is that what we want? KW meets QRP.
I agree with Axel: This is life, and we can’t tell anybody how to do an activation. But I feel free to remind to think about how to do it…

My 50 cents…Tom, DJ5RE

In reply to DJ5RE:

for that, is the small pile-up, and I enjoy every QSO. So I never
understand those activators who hurry from one summit to the next,
just running the necessary QSOs to get those activator points. I

Please keep in mind this is not a “regular” activation. I must admit I am a bit surprised on the reactions. I can understand Bob and Roger very well. Been there, did that. It’s a considerable effort both are undertaking and a - real - challenge! Why not take it as it is, a special situation which requires contribution to their very limited amount of time.

just MY 2 cents

73 Bernhard DL4CW

In reply to DL4CW:

Hi friends,

We’ll talk about that (and lot of other points) in Fried !

CU soon with great pleasure !

Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:
That’s a very good idea, Alain!
A bientot!

Tom, DJ5RE

In reply to ALL:
Hi friends !
Don’t worry, we will try our best but we are limited because time, weather und so weiter …
I will have to drive more than 300 kms before climbing, then i can’t activate only one summit for fun. It would cost really expensive ;-))
5 summits is a good sport and first we did it for this challenge, radio is our small pleasure. We only want you to make enjoyed. Bad luck, we are wrong !
Sorry ! I’m 42 years old and need moving may be in few years.
I will think sitting ;-))
73 QRO
I like and LOVE SOTA FEVER !
Gruss Gott !

To everybody :

Hi friends !
We already try 3 times to climb this 5 summits in one day. We failed cause weather and we lost in the Mercantour park !
Roger and i are running 3 times a week since 3 months to be in good form for that ! I am physical sport teatcher but Roger is not and need to be ready for this.
It is 10 hours walking in mountains !
It is more than 3000 cumulated slop !
About 15 at 18 kms walking !
No time to do 50 qso on each summits.
We planned to be only half an hour on each summit.
Meteo say that there will be some risk of thunderstorms in the end of afternoon, so we must walk rapidely before.
Our bags are heavy about 12 to 15 kg! 6 liters water for us !

It is first for us a sportif goal! Radio is an option.
Anyway, we will have other occasion to activate those summits. Gerald F6HBI is very actif here also.
It is a kind of competition as everything in this world. So…
in any case, Activators have always the last word…

Anyway, hope to qso you soon, We will have GPS with radio, you can follow us on internet. Our frequency will be 10 mhz and 14 mhz. may be 7 mhz also.
My best regards to all


In reply to all:
Don’t forget to record video friends and please send me it.
QRV APRS: f5lkw-7
C U tomorrow

In reply to F5HTR and F5LKW:

Hi brothers,

The weather report should be favorable to you. That I contact you or not is not the most important.
The most important: " Give yourselves some pleasure, Hi! ".
Good hiking and, in the pleasure to contact you … maybe.

73 QRO and good luck,
Andy F5AKL

In reply to F5AKL:
MERCI mon bon ROI ! ;-))