5 Mhz "Mods"

I see a lot of SOTA activity on 5Mhz and would like to get on the band if possible?
Before I apply for the NoV I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction for “mods” to either of my rigs so that they will cover the 5Mhz band on Tx. I have my old trusty Yaesu FT990 and also a Yaesu FT897, I think potentially that I would prefer to mod the FT990 rather than the more modern FT897 - so can anybody help please?
Many thanks
73 Graham

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Hi Graham

This link might help


I’m also thinking about applying for the 5 Mhz NOV but not sure what to say in the section “outline the type of experiment”.

Carolyn (G6WRW)

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Hi both,

I can only speak about what I wrote in the section for my NoV. I spoke about experimenting with different portable antennas, they seemed happy with that.

I don’t think there are many better ways to test propagation and antenna types than SOTA!

I don’t know about the FT990 but the FT897 if its a non-D version can be modified using software (called Widebander I think).

I hope that helps a little.



"not sure what
to say in the section “outline the type of experiment”.

Carolyn (G6WRW)

I put down that I wanted to conduct propogation studies, especially NVIS propogation, using both resonant and non-resonant antennas in urban and mountainous regions.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Carolyn

thanks for that link - the mod suggested for the FT990 seems very simple !
As regards the NoV section, I’m not sure either what I am going to put, but something like “to study propagation at 5Mhz using different types of aerial at various times of day” or something similar.

73 Graham

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Thanks John - mine is a FT897D, I think I will try the 990 first!

73 Graham

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If it helps, I put down on my NoV operating portable from narrow deep valleys to observe the limits of NVIS, I have only had chance to try this a few times so there is room for another! They are very happy to receive SOTA reports as this covers poorely populated areas.

Softjump and Widebander 2 works on some FT897Ds, its a pity Widebander 2 doesn’t still work on later batches as it also shifted the rig between the different regions which would be useful for travelling!


Brian G8ADD

Hi Graham and Carolyn

For my N0V I mentioned studying NVIS propagation especially with portable equipment operation.

I sent my NoV application on a Monday, NoV arrived in my hand on Thursday!

Good luck… 73 Marc G0AZS