5 MHz authorization - CT

Today ANACOM (national comms authority) issued an authorization to let me use 5 MHZ band (4 ch: 5288.5, 5371.5 5380.5 and 5403.5 KHz, A1A and J3E). This authorization is given one-by-one and on request.

The stats in the database indicate 67330 QSOs made but until so far I didn’t hear any SOTA QSOs in this band.

Any activators or chasers out there that can use this frequencies ?

Any thoughts ?

73 es tnx de Pedro, CT1DBS

Looking back in my log, most of my chases on this band were on 5.3985. 5.4035 was second favourite and 5.3715 was third.

Post an alert, we’ll look for you!


Thanks Brian

So, I’m off frequency…

Well I will give a try tomorrow afternoon in CT/BL-012.


Hello Pedro,

I worked CT1HDM, CT1EEB and CT1IUA in February 2011 when they were granted ‘experimental’ licences for the band. All were on 5.4035 and not QRO. Congratulations on the permission and good luck.

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You be surprised of how many peoples go to 60m in UK.
As i have to wait till they come up to 40m as me licence no cover that band.

So don’t for get us on 40m and 20m please


You could always consider upgrading to a Full Licence, Karl!

Walt (G3NYY)


Hi Mike

There are some CTs stations allowed to use 5 MHz but all authorizations are experimental and only for 6 month period. Those are the terms until so far :cry:

I will try 5.4035 thi afternoon on CT/BL-012.



Hi Karl

I will use both 40 and 20m in today’s activation. So, you aren’t forgot.



Unfortunately in Italy there is not authorization to use it.
Hope to be unlocked soon.
73 es gud dx…

I have worked IZ0MIT on 5 MHz on 12 Dec 2015, and he has sent me an eQSL…

Walt (G3NYY)

In the UK, we can use 5288.5, 5371.5 and 5403.5 kHz on all modes. We could use 5380.5 kHz on CW only, as it is too close to our band-edge to use it on USB.

Unfortunately, the most popular frequency for SOTA in the UK is 5398.5 kHz, which is not one of your authorized channels, but there is also quite a lot of SOTA activity on 5403.5 kHz.

All Full Licence holders who are permanently resident in the UK (plus the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) are now allowed to use the 5 MHz band (11 allocated slots), without the need for a special permit.

*** I am not sure whether visiting amateurs to the UK are allowed to transmit in the 5 MHz band under the CEPT 61-01 rules. Perhaps someone can advise on the current situation? ***

Walt (G3NYY)

:open_mouth: I guess I have nothing to teach you about “italians” , (shame) nothing surprise me anymore.
If you check on the web you will see it’s not allow for “I”.
73, Carlos

About 10 years ago I heard a very respected G4 station working his mate on 5MHz. His mate, another G4 was operating in Eire and mobile having driven from GI earlier. There was (and still is) no mobile operation under the UK 5MHz permissions and there was no operation allowed from EI at all for either EI stations or CEPT stations.

They had a QSO in which the station in G said “Well it’s nice to work EI on 5MHz.” and the G station in EI said “I wont give my callsign with the EI/ at the start for obvious reasons hi hi hi.”

Don’t despair Carlos, it’s not just Italians who adjust the rules to suit their needs.

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Well done Walt, you are in his log x4 but if Italy was not authorised for 60M would that mean you logged a pirate :slight_smile: :wink:

I tried today at CT/BL-012 but there are some gentleman having a (biiiiiiiig) chat on 5403,5 KHz USB and the Wx is geting worst so I quit! :frowning:

I will try again…

73 es TNX



73 de G3NYY

Well, you know the old saying, “work first, worry later”!



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Well, well. IK0MIZ seemed a bit too excited when he worked me on Penycloddiau on 5 MHz…

I remember Don RQL sounding somewhat surprised…

His QRZ page :

“On june 15 i added a simple dipole for 60 mt.in rx.”

  • Well some RF definitely came out of it !

Why bother !, Name and shame.



Yes indeed :wink: A quick snap of his recent logged.
Night night from freezing again East Sussex.

Since last December 17th, 2015 up to December 31st 2016, all Spanish radioamateurs are allowed to use the 60m band within the frequencies window recommended by the ITU (5351.5 to 5366.5).
15 watts of max. radiated power and 3 KHz max band width.

These frequencies are pretty similar to those authorised in the Netherlands ¶ and recently posted by Hans PA3FYG, although not exactly the same.

And different to the channels authorised for the CT (4 ch: 5288.5, 5371.5 5380.5 and 5403.5 KHz, A1A and J3E) and the UK (5288.5, 5371.5 and 5403.5 kHz plus other frequencies up to 11 channels, according to Walt G3NYY). No idea about other countries authorisations.
In any case, this seems to be quite confusing.

How are we going to make QSOs between different countries?

We will have to work in Split based on previous skeds probably but even that is difficult because The split I may set to work CT may not be good to work other countries…

Any comments, proposals, ideas…

Best 73 de Guru