5 from 5 on 5

I just wanted to say thanks to Richard G0IBE/P for his activations today. I was able to chase him on all five summits he activated on 5mhz including a unique, MW-025.(Long live 5 mhz) In addition to it being a unique Richard started the activation in just enough time for me to nab him before the school run! The efforts of all activators are appreciated by the chasing pack.
Thanks Richard.
PS Thanks to Walt as well for supplying me with yet another unique, WB-022!

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High Five!

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A pity today wasn’t as successful on 2 meters. Thanks for trying CW Richard.

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Thanks for your comments. I haven’t been as active this year as I would have liked; work and family commitments keep getting in the way. Quite often my activations fit round other events, which limits how long I can spend activating. So I took a day off from work just for me, and wanted to see if I could activate five hills in one day.

I worked out a schedule with driving time based on google maps, walking time on Naismith and allow an hour to set up and operate on each summit. This showed that if I was to get up Gwaunceste Hill in the light (having found the route up, I didn’t mind coming down in the dark), I would have to start from home at 6AM. Not bad for some of the keen operators here - but I don’t do early mornings. The schedule didn’t allow any time for faffing about, but in the event I got 30 minutes up at one point, was 10 minutes behind at the after the last hill, but arrived home exactly when I has said.

I big thank you too all the chasers, especially as everyone is so patient when I can’t cope with a pile up. Using 60M on all the hills worked worked pleasingly well, but I am conscious that not everyone has a NOV. I couldn’t use 80M as a link had broken in my dipole. 40M gave good European contacts, but not G/GW stations. Even after a year or so activating I still have a lot to learn and experience to gain.