5,000 and counting

Congratulations to Robin GM7PKT who has just activated Ben Lawers GM/CS-001 and once posted online will have passed the 5,000 activation point mark…
A pleasure to work you on each summit and thanks for all the ‘chaser’ points.
A guid excuse for a dram.


Congratulations Robin on achieving 5000 activator points.

Jimmy M3EYP

Well done indeed Robin. It is always a pleasure to copy you, an exceptional operator. A good many of the 1000 I needed for my sloth came from you, so I’m glad to be able to help you out with QSO’s when you are out on the hill and there aren’t many chasers around. Looks to be 797 summits which it would take most of us a couple of life times to achieve, but I’ve no doubt 6000 points is not too far away for a true Mountain Goat like yourself.
All the very best, and yes, you have indeed earned your ‘wee hauf’.

Roddy 2m0iob

In reply to GM7GAX:

It’s outrageous! Some of us struggle to wander up small 6 pointer and Robin wanders along the Lawers Ridge and does 2x10pts and 1x8pts. I bet he’ll have qualified it all on VHF as well.

Seriously, many congratulations. It’s always a pleasure to have S2S contacts with you when I’m out and about. Thanks for always being approachable and willing to offer advice and suggestions on routes. It’s a huge bonus for us lardy newcomers to the hills to be able to pick the brains of people with serious amounts of experience and to be able to trust that advice completely.

Here’s to the next summit and S2S.


Yes indeed well done Robin, always a pleasure to work you S2S and to help out.
Looking forward to plenty more.

All the best Santa!!

Neil 2M0NCM

P.S. Did you make it in time or did you have to make it yourself :wink:

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5K and umpteen pairs of boots later! Well done ‘that-lad’. Catch on your 6K next week (:>)


In reply to GM7GAX:
Fantastic achievement! I had a few S2S contacts this year with Robin on my visits to the Highlands.


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It’s outrageous! Some of us struggle to wander up small 6 pointer and
Robin wanders along the Lawers Ridge and does 2x10pts and 1x8pts. I
bet he’ll have qualified it all on VHF as well.

5000 pts is a stunning achievement. Congratulations Robin and many thanks
for all the points and S2S contacts.

The Lawers ridge is a fine walk, though it took us all day to do half of it!
When we were up in Scotland it was noticable that Robin was usually on his second summit of the day by the time we had struggled our way up one hill.


In reply to GM7GAX:

Congratulations indeed Robin!

5000 Activator points is a remarkable achievement.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Well done Robin!
Fantastic achievement and always a pleasure to hook up from the summits.
Keep up the good work.

Robin, a great, unbelievable achievement !
Makes my recent 1000 points rather insignificant !
Keep going !

73 de Peter TJE+

Congratulations Robin, 5 Goats would definitely constitute a herd. Cue for a SOTA HERD award?


Congratulations on this fantastic achievement which was widely regarded as the next best thing to impossible in the early years of SOTA. Even MG looked years away but 5MG is quite another matter.

You must be well over a million feet of ascent from start point to summit and back by now. Hope you come up with one of your rare posts regarding statistics like you have done on the past. We will look forward to that!

You truly have my admiration having done this in Scotland and the majority of it on VHF too! 2011 has been a milestone year for SOTA with 5MG and 50SS in the one year.

You are allowed a short rest now but call in the garage for your knees relined!

73, John G4YSS.

In reply to GM7GAX:

Thank you everyone for your kind messages.

It’s certainly motivation to get to each top when I know that there are so many people waiting to work me. Not just in their shacks but also a number who regularly travel about to make sure of VHF reception. Thank you to you all, I really appreciate the effort you all put in to making each QSO.

While driving back home from a trip down south at the beginning of September as I came over the top between Glen Ogle and Lix Toll I could see Ben Lawers and realised that I hadn’t done the Lawers Group this year. They seemed good hills to hit the 5K mark and I imagined wandering along the ridge in a perfect autumn day.
Not much danger! After several week-ends with little activity due to poor weather, I decided with daylight reducing every day and the possibility of having to work some week-ends, it was now or never for Sunday 16th. About 5 minutes after putting batteries on charge the evening before, I found myself accepting an invitation to go out on Sunday evening so it all became a bit of a rush. Not the trip I had originally imagined!
Sunday wasn’t perfectly dry but I’ve certainly been on these hills in wetter weather. Unfortunately it was far too windy to think about using a SOTA pole. All QSOs were with the VX7 and 145 MHz dipole which are permanently attached to the outside of my rucksack.
I did make it off the hill on time and had a great meal and a wee celebration drink on Sunday evening.

I’m in the process of gathering a few statistics from my log which will be posted when I’ve checked the figures for any obvious errors.

Many thanks everyone and look forward to working you all on many more summits.

Robin, GM7PKT

In reply to GM7PKT:
Congratulations robin on your acheiment. It’s quite something. Glad to have worked you on some of those summits and even a few s2s as well. Looking forward to the next qso, and helping you on the way to 10,000!!!