4U maps on SOTA maps not working?

I’ve been trying to load the 4U maps for summit planning but it doesn’t seem to want to work for me. Is this localized or are others having issues?

Evan - KN3O

We’re having problems with 4UMaps - they’ve recently moved to a new server, and appear to have been playing with a choice of addresses - now a .eu address, then a .com, now back to .eu. They also do not have a https certificate for their site, so when sotamaps (which does have such a certificate) tries to access map squares from them, the browser complains that sotamaps is hosting “mixed content” (some secure, some not), and refuses to call 4UMaps.

So, we’re in a bind with that particular one, I’m afraid… But maybe we can find a solution.

It would be a shame if we couldn’t, since their maps are popular amongst sotamaps users.

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Thanks for the update.

4U maps tends to have the best blend of usability in my neck of the woods. The data tends to be the most up to date and thanks to that mapping service I have found access to a summit or two that all of the other options didn’t have.

Good luck and thanks for your efforts.


Now got 4Umaps working again in sotamaps.

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