4m in G/CE

We’re visiting XYL’s sister in Buckinghamshire next week and may do G/CE-004 G/CE-005 on way down (or up). Will only have IC-E90 with me - just wondering if there is any 4m FM activity in this area.

Roger G4OWG

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Try a post on the 4m forum Roger - I’m sure there’s a few out that way.

73 Graham G4FUJ

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Give us an idea of which day Roger - I will put the SOTA kit on if I am not unavoidably occupied by something important (unlikely). I don’t hear much down here I’m afraid, but you might get a few crawling out the woodwork to work you if you note your intentions on the forum as Graham suggests.

73, Gerald

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Hi Roger

I don’t have any 4m gear here at the bottom of G/CE-005 but when you are up there, you could throw a stone at Roger G3MEH in RF terms so maybe it’s worth dropping him a line. He’s on top of the hill “next door” a couple of miles away.

He does 4m contests (SSB) and I assume he might have FM capability. I’ll mention it if I hear him over the weekend. When are you coming?

73 Marc G0AZS

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Thanks for info - it is not enough of a certainty that I will get to stop en route to post on alerts. I will spotlite if its on.
Travelling down Monday morning, back Wednesday afternoon.

Roger G4OWG