4m FM GW/NW 24th March - now 22nd April

Just to raise an extra alert for my activations tomorrow…

I’m going to be trying 4m for the first time (FM only). I’ll be running 10W (more at times maybe), so hoping to reach across Wales and into the English Midlands / north west. ETA for Glasgwm is 11:00. I’ve said 14:00 for Aran Fawddwy, but I’m a bit woolly on that as it’s also my first time on these summits.

I’ll have 2/70 FM also, 5W max.

All V polarization with Slim JIMs.



Si…you’ve Alerted for today. I’ve alerted for Cadair Berwyn tomorrow. 4m hh also.


Hope you both have success on 4m from those hills. I still have a Wouxun 4m handheld which I found to be quite effective with a slim jim on the pole when I was activating the SPs and NPs. I must remember to take it when I activate G/LD-059 later this year. Battery check required methinks!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Thanks Allan!

Mine’s an Anytone mobile rig. It will go pretty QRO for me. I’m still agonizing over what sort of LiFePO4 pack to get, so for the moment I have to drag around a big SLAB. :frowning:

I used to run an Ascom SE550 on 4m with the PA4DEN conversion which I ran off a 12A SLAB, but it was just more weight in the pack on top of the other kit, so I sold it for what I paid for it and bought the Wouxun straightaway before the funds could be frittered away on other things.

Hi Simon
I see your activation alert for tomorrow is the same ETA as mine on EI/IS-038. I too have a Wouxun 4m HH (quarter wave vertical antenna) and I’ll bring it with me. Probably a long shot, but worth a try.

73 John

It might be of interest to you - I made 9 contacts using 4m from Glasgwm and 12 from Aran Fawddwy.
Good luck.

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Hi Simon,

Good VHF conditions are predicted for tomorrow, although with Aran Fawddwy, at almost 3000 feet ASL, I fear you may well be above the ducting. GL


Thanks John. Yes, let’s give it a go!

That sounds promising. Thanks for the info.

Hoping for plenty of activators enjoying the upturn in the WX whatever the tropo conditions!

Hi Simon

I could hear you today from EI/IS-038 Cush as I was packing up. You qsy’d to 70.40 and were talking to some chap in Wolverhampton. You were about s4. I tried calling but no luck. My antenna is just a centre loaded whip - I must cut my own j-pole!

John EI3KA

Hi John. Thanks for trying.

I was late on both summits and failed to spot from the first one because of a very poor phone signal. Nevertheless I was pleased to find a good few chasers on 4m, plus, I think, 2 summit-to-summits. I’ll certainly be giving it some more outings, but I MUST FIND A LIGHTER BATTERY!!!

7 Ah SLAB x 14km = knackered

73, Simon

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One week later and I have put together a report on my day activating Glasgwm and Aran Fawddwy with 4m:

Thanks everybody. I look forward to trying 4m again soon.

73, Simon

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Just to note that I have alerted for another 4m activation. This time I’m planning to be on Manod Mawr, GW/NW-035, lunch time Saturday 22nd April. I hope that doesn’t put me out of range of the guys in the Midlands this time.

Thanks, SImon

4m FM worked again today, this time with callers from around Wales and into the north west of England. I’m heading out with the same kit tomorrow morning, aiming for Moel Siabod.