4m activations do not show in the summit summary


If you select a summit e.g. G/LD-004 there is no column for 4m QSOs.

So today I made 9 QSOs 5 on 2m and 4 on 4m so it shows correctly 9 QSO and 9 FM QSO but only the 5 on 2m there being no column for 4m.

I presume this is by design or could it be altered ? or is it a massive task for the database admin that will only benefit a few ?

73 de
Andrew G4VFL

Shows here, maybe different parts of the DB are updated at different times.
Summit Activity

Total Activations: 210 View All
Latest By:
G4VFL/P on 22 May 2017
G7KSE/P on 06 May 2017
M6IIE/P on 22 Apr 2017
M0VFC/P on 14 Apr 2017
G4OOE/P on 29 Mar 2017First Activated by:
G4YSS on 27 Jun 2002

3080 QSOs on these bands:
160m 24 1%
80m 195 6%
60m 112 4%
40m 459 15%
30m 74 2%
20m 98 3%
17m 22 1%
10m 31 1%
4m 33 1%
2m 2003 65%
70cm 28 1%
23cm 1 <1%

That’s correct. They are a minuscule in comparison to other bands. My own current interest, 2.3GHz, doesn’t show either. I’ll see what the interest and activity level is like later this year and see if I should split the analysis into HF and VHF. Nobody has noticed the 23cms column doesn’t work properly. I only spotted it myself this weekend.

You are not looking at the DB pages Steve. That’s why there is a difference between what you and Andrew see.

I did, wasn’t going to mention it :slight_smile:

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It’s a design decision Carolyn. Not many countries have (had) 4m. 60m is included as there are local allocations and a WRC15 band.

0.35% of activations have had 4 or more QSOs on 4m, that’s 772 out of 218656.
0.9% of activations have had 3 or less QSOs on 4m.

That’s more than 23cms for example. But 23cms is worldwide (or more worldwide) than 4m.

There was a period of regular 4m FM operation using the rather good Wouxun handheld which I don’t think is sold anymore. Likewise there was regular 23cms FM operation by people using mainly Alinco DJ-G7s. 4m has recently regained favour.

EDIT: sorry I thought you meant not including 4m not that 23cms didn’t work!

I did, but not worth mentioning.